Roomba not connecting to WIFI

Roomba not connecting to WIFI. The best method to fix the WIFI connection error is to reset the device.  When you face this frustrating issue, reset the device by simultaneously pressing the “HOLD”, Home, and “Target” buttons for a few seconds.

Once you hear a beep sound, release the buttons, and it will fix the issue. There are many other reasons your Roomba is not connecting to WIFI, like WIFI is switched off or error with the device, Roomba is powered off. We will explore each reason, and solution one by one.

Roomba devices that have an option of WIFI connectivity allow you to control your Roomba device remotely.  There are many applications where you can control and manage your device these are google home, iRobot app, and Amazon Alexa.

Roomba not connecting to WIFIRoomba not connecting to WIFI 2022

The best solution for reconnecting Roomba to wifi is the Factory reset of the settings. Reset your Roomba device to factory defaults and it will be connected to the wifi.

To reset the Roomba device press and hold the “clean”, “home”, and the “target” buttons simenteneosuly for few seconds until you listen to a beep sound. After the beep sound releases the buttons and try reconnecting your device.

Device power status

When you encounter a connectivity error, make sure the device is sitting on the home base and powered On. It’s better to keep the device fully charged, and keep the home base connected to a wall socket.

Check WIFI Network

Before checking the Roomba device, check the WIFI network behavior. Commonly WIFI connection drops can be the reason for connectivity errors, and even it’s common in every house.

By performing troubleshooting of the network you can trace the cause of the problem. You can check and test the network by simply connecting other devices like mobile with the Wi-Fi network.

If mobile and other devices also face Wifi connectivity errors? then you need to fix the network problem by approaching the service provider.

Distance between Home Base and WIFI router

The distance between Home Base and WFI router matters much, sometime problem also occurs if the device is not in the coverage area of the router.

This problem is because of the poor signal coverage and reducing the distance helps to resolve the issue. Reduce the distance by putting the Home-base unit closer to the area where the WIFI device is installed.

This simple solution will fix the problem of poor signal strength, and Roomba will get connected to WIFI.

Crowded WIFI and incompatible WIFI

Another possible problem is the WIFI is overcrowded, and no other device can connect. If more than ten devices are using the WIFI network, there will be a bandwidth issue.

To fix the bandwidth issue login to the router setting and then check the connected devices, you can remove the device which has less priority.

Incompatible WIFI: another issue is WIFI compatibility if the network device is not compatible with Roomba. it could result in a wifi connectivity issue. Check the iRobot suggested list of incompatible lists.

  • Cisco RE1000
  • Microsoft MN-700
  • Motorola SBG6580
  • Sagemcom F@st 5260
  • Time Warner Arris DG869A
  • Western Digital My Net AC1300-J2F
  • ZTE ZXHN F670
  • D-Link DIR-300
  • Logitech LAN-W300N/RSB


Roomba devices with network connectivity have made life easier and it helps a lot. But the awkward situation is when the devices face issues with the network connectivity.

It’s hard to find the reason, but you can find it by doing some useful steps. The problem could be due to the network device or the Roomba device being powered off.

Or the distance between the device and wifi, and network incompatibility. Find the cause of the problem and fix it accordingly to get the Roomba device in working condition. For any better suggestions and improvements please provide your kind feedback.

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