How To Secure Furniture To Wall Without Holes

How To Secure Furniture To Wall Without Holes. Glue can be the alternative to holes when securing furniture. Using studs or wall sticking hooks are alternative to holes. Pins that stick are helpful. You can use adhesive other than tape instead of making holes. Velcro strips are a decent alternative to holes.

I got my walls newly painted and had wallpapers. But when it came to securing furniture, I wasn’t happy. Holes needed to be drilled, or that’s what I thought. My friends who are as visiting to see my house saw me worried and asked.

I told him that I was worried about holes in the wall. He told me alternatives to holes and safe methods for securing the furniture.

Read to learn!.

How To Secure Furniture To Wall Without HolesSecure Furniture To Wall Without Holes

Securing furniture is an unavoidable thing. You have to put things on them and make the house better. Some furniture is placed on the walls. It would be best if you drilled to put the stuff there. Having a different method that doesn’t ruin the wallpaper, and the paint is a blessing.

You can start with Velcro straps on the furniture and the wall, and they’ll get attached. If you don’t have velcro, then use standard tape to stick them. If you don’t lime tape, then use adhesives to stick them.

The best thing is using glue. All these things are practical for mounting the stuff. There are special tapes for furniture that save you from wasting money on low-quality stuff that won’t remain.


The best alternative is glue. There are a variety of glues available in the market. These glues are heavy-duty and don’t come off quickly. You can secure anything with these.

The glues nowadays can even put steel together. The glues can be found in hardware stores and even grocery stores. There are actually special furniture glues available in the market. The particular furniture glue is harmless to the products.

Special glue isn’t expensive, but if you don’t want to use special glue. You can use standard glue. The standard glue will do the trick. Though avoid using paper glue as it’s not suitable for hanging things.

Furniture glue is recommended because its sticking power is much more effective than regular glue. Simply clean the wall surface and put a limited amount of glue on it. Spread the glue a bit, and then put the thing you want to secure. You can apply glue on the furniture and then hang it too.


If you are scared of glue as it’ll make a mess. Then the tape is alternated between glue and holes. If the glue isn’t working for you, you can get heavy-duty tape from the market.

The heavy-duty tape has good sticking ability. The heavy-duty tape just needs to be placed on the object you are sticking to, and it’ll grip.

Use double-sided tape instead of putting the tape from the front. You can use double-sided tape and attach the object to it and then place the object on the wall, and it’ll stick there.

The tape can be obtained from the grocery shop, and you can stick the ape whenever you want. The advantage of tape to glue is that there isn’t any mess with the tape. Just clean the wall and stick the stuff.

Velcro strips

If you aren’t satisfied with both tape and glue, then velcro is the hope. Velcro is a potential sticking option. Velcro sticks to the furniture and the wall. You’ll need to use velcro with tape or glue. Velcro is available easily. Get velcro from the supermarket and clean the wall.

Now attach the velcro strip from one side to the furniture and the other side of the velcro to the wall. Velcro is in strips, so cut the velcro to the size of the furniture. Velcro isn’t messy, and it’s safe for furniture. You can easily detach the furniture.

The last word

Using stickable hooks is a good idea. You can use pins that can stick as well. The methods of using adhesives and hanging your hooks save you from holing. Holes defile the beauty of the wall and the wallpaper.

Using velcro is good, but having glue will make the sticking even better. And if it’s a tape, then you are saved from the mess. Using tape, glue, or even velcro saves you from making holes. Making use of the above furniture methods is your job.

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