How To Save A Dying Pine Tree

How To Save A Dying Pine Tree. Cutting the pine tree to the healthy branches will save it from dying. Then disinfecting the branches with rubbing alcohol will remove any infection. If it’s leaking water, then start watering the pine tree timely. Get rid of pests on the pine tree with repellents.

I had a pine tree in my backyard for some time now, but it started dying a few weeks ago. I ignored it and thought the pine tree will be firn but it wasn’t. I checked the pine tree and then the internet for a cure.

But nothing. I called my gardener friend, and he gave me useful plant-saving tricks. I tested and saved my pine tree from dying.

Read to learn!.

How To Save A Dying Pine TreeSave A Dying Pine Tree

Pine trees in your house can calm your nerve. Pine trees have a long history and their wood is used in buildings. Wood is also good for furniture. The best pine tree quality is it’s easily available and inexpensive. Many people plant pine trees for beauty. We get attached to trees as much as humans.

Watching your tree die isn’t fun. It’s sad. The pine tree can face an infection because of pests and fungi. Improper sunlight and minerals can cause a lack of nutrition for the pine tree and it starts dying.

But with knowledge, you can extend your tree’s life. If the pine tree is affected by fungi, cutting the infected branches will help and other factors can be adjusted too.

Reasons and cure

There are different reasons the pine tree is dying. The pine tree has fungus and its spreading or lack of living factors. Let’s cure the pine tree diseases as we see the causes.


Pests are the basic reason for dying trees. Weevils are insects that attack pine trees. Weevils such as the nutrients and damage the tree. A healthy pine tree, when attacked by weevils, can die really fast.

Weevils are too damaging to trees. Pine trees are actually the favorite target of weevils. The seedlings of pine aren’t safe from weevils either. They attack seeds and healthy plants the most.

If your pine tree is attacked by weevils, then your problem is going to increase. Weevils will increase in number and suck until the pine tree is dead. If you over one pine tree, then the next tree is their target until all trees are dead, they won’t stop.

Pesticides are a good way to get rid of insects and bugs. You can kill the weevils and even repent them for coming further using pesticides.

Weevils aren’t the only insects that are killing the pine tree. Other bugs are attacking too. Using pesticides will save your pine tree from dying.


Pests aren’t the one thing that harms the trees, but pesticides also harm the trees. Pesticides are intended to kill pests and insects, but they can be damaging to trees too.

The manufactured pesticides contain chemicals that are harmful to plants, just like insects. Using pesticides might save the pine trees from immediate death, but the pesticides will still act to kill the pine tree.

Changing pesticides to fewer chemicals will lessen the burden but still damage a bit. To save the pine tree, all the pesticides with chemicals should be stopped, and instead, natural repellents should be used. This will stop the pine tree from dying.


Fertilizers, just like pesticides, can harm the pine tree and cause it to die. Fertilizers also contain chemicals just like pesticides.

The chemicals affect a plant’s growth and can even stop the growth and thus cause the tree to start to wither and die. The fertilizers are necessary for fast growth, but they can secretly kill the tree.Fertilizers

If you think the damage is caused by the fertilizers, then replace the fertilizers with natural material. Biological decay is a great fertilizer and you can get natural fertilizer from the market too.


Trees catching some infection aren’t new. But the infection can seriously damage the growth and directly kill the plant.

The infection appears in the form of brown or other colors on the tree bark, indicating starting and it increases fast. The danger of tree infection is death.

If your pine tree is facing infection, then get a saw. Cut the branches of the tree that seem indicted by the fungi or algae. Cutting will stop healthy branches from getting the infection.

After cutting, apply rubbing alcohol to the tree so the pine tree is disinfected. Pouring medicine on the stems will stop the disease from spreading further. Disinfect the tree.

The last word

Plants having infections is common and trees can face these infections too. The bugs attacking trees can be stopped with natural pesticides so they aren’t harmed.

If the pine tree is dying, bring the above factors and environmental factors in view to deal with them and save them.

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