How to hang a tree swing on an angled branch

How to hang a tree swing on an angled branch. Tree swings are one of the best options for your kids to enjoy, it provides extra joy in the backyard.

Tree swings should be installed carefully to protect your kids from unwanted injuries. Installing the tree swing on an angled branch is a little bit tricky, you need to follow a series of steps for perfect installation.

Your priority should be the selection of the right branch, and a secure installation of the swing. Then the material selection, chain, or rope both are the best tool, but the chain can pinch your finger.

Safety measures: before installing the tree swing you should follow these safety measures.

  • Select a right branch (more than 8 inches)
  • Use proper tools, eye bolt, rope, or chain.
  • Rope and chain should have a high potential to handle your weight.
  • Ropes should be of equal length.
  • Cover chain with some coating to avoid injuries.
  • Ensure all bolts and tools are fixed.
  • It should be at safe distance from the tree.

How to hang a tree swing on an angled branch

Find a healthy branch for swing.

The first step is about the safety of your swing. Find a hardwood tree’s branch with at least 8 inches diameter, and it should have at least 20 feet of distance from the ground.

Your safety needs to find a strong tree branch. Avoid the fruit trees as they have softwood.

Selection of chain or rope

Although the chain is a good option, it can pinch your fingers and hands. To avoid this type of uncertainty, purchase a coated chain or polyester rope.

Another important factor is the weight rating of the chain or rope, take extra care to check the packing for the weight. The swings rope should be strong enough to handle the weight.

Measurements and hardware for the swing

The traditional method takes only the rope to hang the swing, but when the tree stars grow g it can cause problems. Take measurements of your swing and mark the points on the limbs.

Take the long enough bolts with stainless steel eyes and a diameter of ½ inches, make sure you are using the right tools.

Take a drill and make holes, apply the bolts with eye bolt direct downside. Fix the rope/chain with the bolt. This method is safe because once tree tissue starts growing, they hold the bolt firmly.

Leveling parallel ropes.

It is very important to level both parallel ropes or chains, to reduce the chances of crooked swing. Level the distance, both parallel ropes should have the same length.

You can do it by taking measurements of both ropes after mounting the rope with an eye bolt. Once the ropes are equal, fix them with the swing.


A tree swing is a nice source of enjoyment for your children. it is hard to find the right branch for your swing. Always select a good tree branch for safety. Select a tree with a strong wood character.

Avoid using the fruit tree, as they have very softwood. The diameter of the selected branch should be at least 8 inches. Hang the swing after ensuring all the tools are installed securely.

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