How often do you water a money tree

How often do you water a money tree. Many people believe that the money tree brings good luck and fortune, and it requires frequent watering.

Watering the money plant is not frequent, it should be done when your money tree needs. Money trees have the best growth rate with deep watering, and it should be infrequent.

Money tree enhances the beauty of your house as it’s a decorative tree and attracts the people most.

To keep the money tree’s looking green, spray the leaves with water after frequent intervals or daily. Its quite easy to take care of the money tree, and it requires less effort to maintain the money tree.

How often do you water a money treeHow often do you water a money tree 2022

Money tree requires watering two to three times per month, overwatering, the money tree can badly affect the money tree. So, water your money tree a few times in a month, check if the soil is dried 2-4 inches down then water.

When to water money tree

Overwatering the money tree can affect the tree’s health. Make a plan of watering the money tree usually once a week or after every 8 to 12 days.

Watering the money tree depends on the soil type and dryness of the soil. Determine the moisture level in the soil and check how deeper the soil is dry.

If the soil is dry about 2 to 4 inches, you should water the money plant. One important factor is the weather, in winter the growth of the money plant is not as fast as in summer, so in winter money plant needs less water.

You can also determine by checking the plant’s leaves, if the plants start to wrinkle or curl, it means your money tree wants water. On the contemporary side, the leaves start turning yellow when overwatering occurs.

How to take care of money tree?

You can take care of your money by performing the steps below.

  • Don’t overwater your money tree as it makes the leave yellow and the tree may die.
  • Serve your money tree with nutrient-rich potting soil. Check and maintain the nutrients by replacing the soil or adding fertilizers.
  • Money trees require a moderate temperature. The temperature between 65- and 75-degrees Fahrenheit makes them happy, but an extremely high temperature is not suitable, and the tree may die.
  • Similarly, the cold affects the growth of the money tree, so avoid the cold place.

Money tree plant dying

There are several reasons for the Money tree plant dying, here are some common reasons. Overwatering or underwatering can make the money tree die.

Low Humidity is another common factor that affects the money tree. Excessive cold and hot temperatures make the money tree turn yellow and it will die slowly.

If the money tree is exposed to the sun for a long time, it may also turn yellow.

Money tree light requirements

Indirect light scorches the leaves so indirect light is best for the money tree. Provide a daily light to the money tree but under the shade.

Provide a similar environment to the money tree but avoid direct contact with the light.


The money tree is an easy-to-grow plant that demands a moderate level of watering, overwatering or underwatering makes the tree turn yellow. To take care of the money tree you need to maintain the water level in the soil, don’t water until the soil is dried 2 to 4 inches down. Maintain the humidity level and avoid heat or col temperatures. Avoid direct sunlight, it damages the leaves. Infrequent watering is best, serve your money tree when needed. To fulfill the nutrient needs, fertilize your money twice a year.

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