How to reset LG sound bar without remote

How to reset LG sound bar without remote. Every sound bar has a remote, and no sound bar is without a remote, we all mostly use a remote as the remote works on signals, and you can use this remote from everywhere you are sitting, and the remote is taking signals from the device and making a good connection.

Mostly the buttons that the remote has, the soundbar has no these buttons on it. There are a lot of buttons on the remote as compared to the system board.

Here you have to set the sound bar, but the condition you must follow does not use the remote to reset without a remote; reset the LG sound bar.

How to reset LG sound bar without remoteHow to reset LG sound bar

LG sound bar is very easy to reset; you can reset it using the remote and the main sound bar. There are also some buttons on the speaker that you can use for many different purposes. Here are some ways to reset the sound bar without a remote. These ways are given as follows:

Way 1: On/Off button and volume button

Some ways are used to reset. This is one of these ways to reset the LG sound bar without using the remote. In this way, we have to set the LG sound bar using the On/ Off buttons and a volume button. The procedure for this reset is that press the On/Off button and a volume decrease button at the moment.

Press these buttons and do not let them for a time because these buttons must press for almost 15 seconds. When you press these buttons for 10 or 15 seconds, then in the result, you can see that the sound bar is reset without using the remote.

Way 2: Input and Bluetooth

In this way, there are two other buttons that you can use to reset the sound bar without using the remote. Search and take the Input and Bluetooth buttons. When pressed simultaneously, hold on to these buttons for about 10 seconds.

And when you are going to release these buttons, you can come to know that after releasing these buttons, your device is reset, and you have reset your device by fulfilling the condition given.

The condition given here is to reset the device without using the remote. You can reset your device using a remote, but if there is a condition, you have to fulfill the condition.

Now use this thing, that is the simultaneous pressing and holding of the input and volume decrease buttons; when you release these buttons, your device, that is, the sound bar, is reset successfully, and you have achieved your target which assigned you for the doing of the work.

Way 3: Hard resetHard reset

Another method you can use to reset the sound bar is the hard reset; this is the simplest method compared to the other methods that I have told you or am going to tell you about.

There is no button or other thing required; here, you have to turn off the sound bar and disconnect all the devices that are connected to that sound bar.

When you disconnect all the devices, there is the load that is of the work is reduced. When you make all the connections disconnect, you have to forget all the connections that are connected with it, and these connections are possible if these are with the phones, it can easily forget all the connections made through it.

Way 4: Power and Bluetooth buttons

Another way is used to reset the device without using a remote and fulfills your necessary condition. Two buttons are one is the power button and another Bluetooth button. Touch them both together and press them also.

When you press both of them together and hold on to them for 10 to 15 seconds, and when you take your fingers out, see that the device is now reset by fulfilling the device’s conditions for completing the task.

If this condition is not given, then you do not have the burden of this work, so please fulfill that condition by using the main device buttons and do not use the remote.

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