How to remove rust from Blackstone griddle

How to remove rust from Blackstone griddle. Blackstone griddles are the best medium for cooking food, rough use of the Blackstone griddle may get a reddish-brown layer over the surface.

The rust comes from the air (air contains iron), if moisture hits your Blackstone griddle, it starts corrosion and rust will start growing. Rust can damage your griddle surface.

It badly affects the aesthetic beauty of your Blackstone griddle. You can protect your Blackstone griddle from rust by cleaning it regularly and seasoning the griddle.

Protect your Blackstone griddle from moisture to keep the rust away. If you keep your Blackstone griddle in an open area the rust will fastly grow, so cover the Blackstone griddle if you leave it in an open area.

How to remove rust from Blackstone griddleremove rust from Blackstone griddle

To remove rust from your Blackstone griddle, turn it on and heat to reach the maximum temperature. Put on your gloves and scrap the rust when it softens.

Add some oil and vinegar, after some time scrubs the surface, remove or wipe off everything and repeat the process until you get a shiny surface of the griddle. After cleaning the Blackstone griddle, perform seasoning to keep it protected.

Collect all needful tools

it’s important to gather all the needful tools to remove rust from your Blackstone griddle.

The cleaning products and tools may vary, but the method for cleaning the Blackstone griddle remains the same.

Only cooking oil is recommended because other oils are not suitable as you are going to use your griddle for cooking food.

  • Tools needed for cleaning the Blackstone griddle
  • a rag and scrapper
  • cooking oil
  • soap or dishwashing detergent
  • paper towel and cloth
  • heat resistant gloves
  • vinegar, lemon juice, or any citrus acid
  • grill stone or sandpaper

Clean the griddle surface

Before starting the process of removing rust from your Blackstone griddle clean the surface. Put on your protective gloves the heat-resistant gloves are the best to use, and remove all food particles with a cloth.

Heat the Blackstone griddle to make rust lose

Plugin your Blackstone griddle and turn it on to the peak heat setting. Wait for at least 1 hour so that griddle can reach the maximum heat.

High heat makes the rust loosen up, turn off the Blackstone griddle. It’s the right time to remove the rust with a tool.

Take a tool and scrub the rusted area

Add some cooking oil to the Blackstone griddle surface, the oil should be enough to cover the griddle surface. Now take a few spoons of vinegar and add to the oil. You can also use lemon juice.

Take sandpaper and scrub the Blackstone griddle surface to remove rust. Scrub the surface gently and in a circular motion, this way you can protect the metal surface of the griddle. Keep scrubbing the griddle until you see the shiny surface.

Take a paper towel or some cloth and wipe off all black liquid from the griddle surface. Remove all residual and put oil again. Repeat the whole process, and you will see the shiny look coming off.

To get rid of the rustic smell use warm water and vinegar, apply the solution to the griddle surface, and wipe off all residual.

Check if the rust is not coming off, repeat the whole process by reheating the griddle and performing the scrubbing method.

Season the Blackstone griddle

Seasoning the Blackstone griddle is the best method to protect it from corrosion. Oil serves best to repel all moisture, and your Blackstone griddle will stay rust-free.

It’s advised to season your Blackstone griddle after cleaning, and with every use, it will stop rust from growing again. While choosing the oil for seasoning make sure you are using cooking oil only.


Rust on the surface of the Blackstone griddle is an unwanted factor that mostly occurs due to moisture. You have to scrub the rust by heating the Blackstone griddle and then using oil. Scrub with a sponge and wipe off the liquid.

Repeat the whole procedure, and once you finish seasoning the Blackstone griddle. Protect your blackstone griddle from moisture and other factors that lead to rust and corrosion.

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