How To Remove Ring Faceplate

How To Remove Ring Faceplate. Using a screwdriver to push it from below will lift the faceplate while having any other dull object is also acceptable. Removing the faceplate of the ring doorbell is an easy task. Gently shaking the doorbell with a dull object is like removing the lid on the top.

I wanted to check my Ring doorbell for issues as it was misbehaving, but I didn’t know how to remove the faceplate. I googled the query, but nothing about the Ring doorbell came in written form. I had to watch a video to learn about removing the faceplate.

I know reading saves time than watching the video for some readers, so I wrote about Ring doorbells and the removal of faceplates in this article.

Read to learn!

How To Remove Ring FaceplateRemove Ring Faceplate

Removing the faceplate isn’t difficult. You can have various reasons to remove the faceplate. You may want to remove the doorbell battery and replace it. You may want to check the doorbell circuit for damage or if the bell needs cleaning.

Whatever the reason, the faceplate requires removal to investigate the doorbell issues. You cannot just touch the doorbell and it’ll open. You need to know the way to remove the faceplate.

Sometime the faceplate of the bell is fixed with screws and you need to remove the screws to get the cover off. You may not have to remove any screws with the model. Just using a dull object to lift the doorbell might work. Keep on reading!

With tools

The doorbells that have screws require the use of tools to remove the lid. If the lid of the bell is fixed with screws, it doesn’t mean you have to go deeply into electronic parts or check the wires.

Removing the faceplate and even replacing the faceplate isn’t a hard task. You don’t need tools that are complicated to use. This makes the removal of faceplates even easy for children and it’s a safe process.

Gathering the tools

You don’t need to worry about gathering the tools. The tool that is needed to open the faceplate is a Ring screwdriver and you can find the screwdriver with the box of the doorbell.

The screwdriver may be handed to you in person to keep your doorbell maintained. Just get the Ring screwdriver from there or get another suitable screwdriver that matches the screw size of the bell. Do it swiftly.

If the screwdriver isn’t settling on the screws, then replace the screwdriver. The replacement of the Ring screwdriver is available on Amazon. If you want to do something about it, you can go to Amazon and buy it. Asking your neighbors for a screwdriver isn’t a bad idea.


There is a screw present at the bottom of the doorbell. It’s a security screw, so remove the screw with your new screwdriver set.

It’s star-shaped so you’ll need a special screwdriver the removal of the security screw. You may have the screwdriver if you purchase the doorbell from the store.

Just place the screwdriver on the tip of the screw and match its point. Turn the screw in counter direction to remove it.


Place your thumbs on the cover from below to push the cover until it comes loose. Support the cover with your index finger and keep pushing until you hear a clicking sound.

The clicking sound indicates the cover has gone loose. If your fingers aren’t doing the job, then use a flat screwdriver to insert below the cover and then push the cover upward and the lock will get free very fast.

Now the lid or the faceplate is loose. Simply pull the face plate and it won’t require much force. Grab the cover and pull the plate towards yourself to remove it. Hold the cover tightly so it won’t fall when you are removing it. It’s not difficult to pull as the locks are already removed.

NO toolsNO tools

This is only possible with bells that don’t have any screws. Simply push the cover off with your hands or use any dull object to lift the cover.

The cover, when lifted, will come off and you can hold the cover so it won’t fall. The tools are necessary if you have screws.

The last word

Removing the Ring plate is very easy as you can just unscrew the cover and lift the cover. The faceplate comes off. You can put the faceplate back and it’ll fit exactly the same way. If the doorbell faceplate isn’t well, replace it.

The replacement of the faceplate is very easy. You can contact Ring services and if the doorbell is damaged by the storm, you’ll get it free. The cost of the new faceplate isn’t high either. The Ring services will send the faceplate at your address.

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