How to remove oil stains from asphalt driveway

How to remove oil stains from asphalt driveway. Dish soap is fantastic for removing oil stains from an asphalt driveway. Dish soap can clean both asphalt and dishes. Vinegar will remove oil stains from the asphalt too. You can use vinegar if you don’t have any dishwashing soap available at that time.

I worked as a janitor at a superstore. The job of cleaning the driveway. Asphalt, being a common pavement material, was present there. However, I became concerned when I first noticed the oil spots.

I didn’t know how to clean the oil stains on the asphalt. I thought I’ll get fired if I didn’t clean, so I asked my colleague who had the other shift.

He told me different ways. The cleaning methods worked. I left the job but didn’t get fired.

So keep reading!.

How to remove oil stains from asphalt driveway

How to remove oil stains from asphalt driveway

Dishwashing soap is great to remove oil stains from the asphalt surface. The asphalt is cleaned like the dishes shine. Just put dish soap like you put on dishes and use a sponge to scrub the oily surface of the asphalt.

The stains will start cleaning as the soap produces leather.Rinse with water after that. Make use of hot water.

If you don’t have soap, then use vinegar as its replacement. A heavy-duty brush will help to scrub in a circular motion and clean better. Then, with water pressure, rinse the vinegar.

Use bleach if the stains aren’t budging. Bleach will surely remove oil stains from the surface.

Utilizing dish soap

The best choice is dishwashing soap for cleaning dishes as well as asphalt. Oily materials and the oil itself can’t run from the dish soap. Just put the soap by looking at the amount of oil.

Directly pour it. Now put water on the asphalt. You can also mix the soap with the water before you put it on the oily surface. Let it reach all the stains.

Now get a scrubbing brush. Use a long one with fiber to scrub easily. Scrub with all your might. The harder scrubbing will remove tough oil stains better.

When the soap leather is enough and you have scrubbed your best, get some water. It’s better if you have a garden hose. Pressure with water and the soap will get clean.

The suds will disappear with tight pressure. If oil stains remain, clean the oil stains by repeating the process.

Wonder of vinegar

Vinegar is a wonderful cleaning remedy. No dish soap, just get vinegar. If you were surprised by dish soap, you’ll call vinegar a wonder. Mix vinegar and add it to boiled or simply warm water.

Mix it well. Then pour the vinegar and water mix onto the surface of the asphalt. Pouring separately won’t work well.

Let the vinegar and hot water stay put. After a few minutes, use a fiber brush or some other brush to scrub the surface hard. Vinegar won’t require every hard scrubbing, but it’s better.

Scrub until no oil or grease stains remain. Then water will rinse the surface. You’ll see that no oil stains on asphalt and no repeating with vinegar are required.

Baking soda blow

Baking soda blow

Baking soda will blow the oil stains away. Baking soda is as effective as vinegar. The process is faster than vinegar too. Baking soda is oil’s natural nemesis here. If the above tricks like soap and even the vinegar fails.

You can use baking soda. Baking soda isn’t just strong, but fast. You can directly pour baking soda on the asphalt surface. Use a spoon or just put the powder on top of the oil or grease stain.

Now add only a little water so the baking soda becomes wet. Use a brush and scrub while making a circular motion. The circular motion will enhance cleanability.

Continue scrubbing until the oil stains completely come off. Now use water and rinse the surface. Use water until both baking soda and stains debris drains away. The asphalt is good now.

Carbonated drinks cleaning

Carbonated drinks like Pepsi and coke are cleaning agents as well. You can pour coke or Pepsi and wait after 5 hours and then clean the surface by pouring ore and scrubbing.

You can use water after drinks. Though the method with carbonated drinks is really effective, it consumes time.

Use multiple ingredients from above and add them to the carbonated drinks. Try cleaning with the mixtures of carbonated drinks and other materials. Separate use isn’t bad so just use carbonated drinks if you want to save effort.


Use a professional degreaser if none of the methods are to your liking. Though the above tricks are fine cleaners.

You can mix the materials above or apply them as steps to clean and the asphalt will shine like it’s newly built. If not cleaning, contact a professional.

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