How to remove glue down wood floor

How to remove glue down wood floor. Glue-down wood floor is the best option to give the subfloor a steady and alluring look. The adhesives used for the wood floor are indestructible and can’t be eliminated.

Well, different reasons can put you in the decision of removing the glue down wood floor. The damaged wood floor might be due to weary wood due to water, dampness, or termite infestation.

It might be possible that you want to install another flooring. You can understand the reason better, but you must understand that improperly eliminating the wood floor may cause excessive damage.

Stay calm because, in the following article, we will explain how to remove glue down a wood floor using authentic ways and relevant tools.

How to Remove Glue Down Wood Floor

Follow the instructions carefully to lessen the damage by using the appropriate way. You can save your pockets from getting empty by doing the DIYer job yourself.remove glue down wood floor

You can remove the wooden floor from the subfloor or concert by splitting and cracking the boards authentically and tugging using pertinent tools such as a hummer, pry bar, scraper, or chisel.

Removing the glue down the wood floor requires patience as it demands hardworking. If you have the potential to remove wooden boards, then the guideline will surely help you, even if you are a beginner.

Required Tools For Removing Glue Down Wood Floor

No matter the reason behind your goal, if you are ready to do the challenging task of removing wood planks, then you are required to use some specific tools to accomplish the task.

Here is the list of required tools below.

  • A Circular Saw
  • Shop Vac
  • Chisel
  • Pry Bar
  • Hummer
  • Scrapper or Chipper
  • Razor Flooring Scraper
  • Painter Tape
  • For safety, gloves, goggles, mask

1. Ready Your Working Place

So, the initial step towards your task is doing the initial preparation, which includes your security first. Wear gloves, goggles, a knee pad, and a mask to protect your organs from dust.

After that, if it is possible to move the accessories to another place to save them from an incredible mess, then go for it. Otherwise, you can use a shop vacuum to capture dust before it disseminates in the whole area.

You may also cover unmoveable things like heavy furniture using sheets. It will help you save additional tasks of cleaning the accumulated dust from the items.

2. Label The Wooden Floor

The following step allows you to mark the area and put a limit to the wooden floor that is required for removal. You can say the mark will guide you to help with the task more efficiently.

Another plus point for marking the area is it can save the other rest area from getting worn out. So all you need to do is determine the area and mark it using chalk.

Then, install r patch the painter’s tape on the outer side of the boards you want to save, as the tape is for the protection of the remaining board.

3. Cut Down Into Pieces

So, after marking the area, you now have a clear prompt for which area you need to remove. If you have a wooden floor, you know precisely that the floor is also installed in the same size of pieces.

But as these are stuck firmly with the hard adhesive glue, it is impossible to remove the boards without cutting them. So, you have to cut them for easy removal.

Grab your circular saw and start sliting the wooden floor up to two or three inches. Starting from the marked line and cutting the planks vertically in the floor direction would be a better option.

Another thing you should consider is using the blade of the circular saw with the exact density of the wooden flooring. It will allow you to prevent your subfloor from getting severe damage.

4. Take Off the Pieces

The following step will surely put you in a challenging task. You have required a combination of a few tools to accomplish the step. So get ready with the chisel, hummer, and pry bar.

Using the hummer and the chisel is very handy for removing the challenging adhesive boards, whether the chisel is very efficient in levering the planks.

Starting from a loose board would help get a starting point. Grab your pry bar, place it under the edge of the plank and pick it up. You may choose the spot where you use your circular saw to cut the board.

If you find the wooden boards are tough to lift, you may consider cutting the board more and try making a 1*1 comprehensive partition of the boards.

6. Chisel & Hummer

Using a chisel is a very productive way to remove the heavily adhered boards, even though it perfectly works on the concrete subfloor.

While doing the following method may trigger the wooden boards to get out into wear-out pieces. It is somehow a scrapping method using a hammer and chisel.

So, you may use the oscillating machine with a scraper blade to take off the hard glue. It also enables you to remove the excess glue stuck on the subfloor. Use the scraper to insert underneath the layer of glue by using a poking force.

7. Eliminating glue

For any leftover glue on the floor, you may get some work from the hand scrapper with a 6-inch razor for glue removal. You may also use a reciprocating saw with its scraper extension for complicated spots and wide spaces.

If there is still any difficulty, there is a product called glue stripper, specially referred for glue disposal, and you may consider purchasing it.

So, take a putty knife and apply the stripper over the glue. You will find it very productive to weaken or faint the glue. Always apply a small quantity on a small surface to test the consequences.


While using any glue striper product, wear a ventilation mask or keep your area ventilated.

Power Scraper For Removing Glue Down Wood Floor

Removing the wooden floor with hands is a difficult task. It requires an hour to get completed. It also requires different tools to do the work efficiently.

But here is another helpful option from the pro: remove the glue down the wood floor using a power scraper machine. The machine contains a wheel and blade on its forefront side.

So, if you have a busy schedule or want quick results, you may consider using the power scraper. You don’t need to purchase it; borrow it from a tool rental store or a floor installer.


You can get assistance from the floor installer about the machine and whether the area where you want to use it is compatible and will adjust finely or not.


The following article will explain the appropriate way to remove glue down a wood floor. You can follow the instructions to get excellent results.

The procedure is challenging, but if you have leisure time, you can do it yourself and save money on hiring a professional. You may accomplish each task using valuable tools.

Using the marking technique, you may also remove the specific flooring or half floor in an area. Well, you have the idea of the tools and time; if you can’t do that much hard work, look for an expert.

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