How to remove hair wax from tile floor

How to remove hair wax from tile floor. Suppose you are in a hurry and have to manage a lot of tasks at the same time, and in a hurry, suddenly the hair wax jar falls even though the wax consistency is thick and may take time to fall on the floor.

But it might be possible that you have not noticed it earlier, or unluckily there is a child in a room that you should blame for spilling the hair wax while playing in his way on the tile floor.

The situation could be different, but if you are facing the same issue and want to know how to remove hair wax from a tile floor, then you are at the right place.

Methods How to remove hair wax from tile floor

Removing hair wax from the floor is not an easy task, and there are different ways to eliminate wax from the floor, but some may cost you high. Well, here is a list of methods you may use to remove hair wax.

Use of Hot Water & Dish SoapUse of Hot Water & Dish Soap

Different solutions are available to soften sticky accumulations on any surface. But if you don’t have any, you may take some work from the household items.

Wax can quickly melt when heated, so hot water and dish soap will be the best choice. But before applying anything directly on the surface, it would be best to remove the excessive quantity of wax using ice and a plastic scraper.

You may grab an old rag or piece of cloth, ensure it’s dry and scrub on the surface. Remove as much hair wax as you can with the rag. Now, you require some hot water.

You can boil the water on the stove or get it from the hot faucet of the house. Now take some dish soap and mix it in hot water. Don’t use your bare hands; you may get harmed.

Mix well until you don’t see bubbles in the water. You have required the solution so you can take the quantity of water and dish soap according to the affected area.

For applying the solution, it would be better to use a sponge, soak it into the solution and start rubbing it on the tile floor. It would be better to use gloves for your skin safety.

Using hot soapy water is beneficial for removing hair wax in small areas. Ensure that you have cleaned all the areas and that no adhesive is left on the floor.

Use of Rubbing Alcohol

We have explained that using hot soapy water to remove the hair wax is effective for a small area, but if you are coping with a large area that is incompatible with the water and soap solution, then here you go.

Here is another method of using rubbing alcohol to eliminate hair wax. The accurate steps are given below to get excellent results.

Step 1.

It would help if you had a spray bottle, rag, or towel for the procedure. Take the required item with you and go to the next step.

Step 2.

So, freeing some space to do the job would be better. Move any of the accessories placed in the place of the splash hair wax. You may remove the excess wax from the place using ice and a plastic scraper.

Step 3.

Then, take the spray bottle and put some alcohol into it. It would be best to spray on the hair wax until the wax stains don’t go.

Step 4.

Now, you need to place the rag or towel on the surface affected by the hair wax. Push down the rag with your hands and apply pressure evenly. The technique will allow you to soak the leftover hair wax through the rag.

Step 5.

After absorbing all the wax and ensuring the tile floor is free of wax now, wait until the surface dries out.

Use of White VinegarUse of White Vinegar

Here is another method that you may use to remove hair wax from the tile floor. So, to accomplish the task, you are required to use a rag and a spray bottle. Put some white vinegar into the spray bottle and spray on the hair wax.

Spray until the wax goes off. If you suspect the wax is not eliminated correctly, place the rag on it and apply pressure on the towel. After pressing evenly, the wax residue will come off the surface.

Alternate Method For Removing Wax From the Floor

You must have an iron or hair dryer, a towel, a plastic scrapper, and ice to accomplish the task. After getting these materials, you may proceed with the first step.

Step 1.

So take an ice cube and scrub it over the wax. It will help you to solidify the wax. You may use a plastic scraper to take the wax off the surface when it gets harder. Please don’t use any metal scraper; it may damage the surface.

Step 2.

If the wax is not eliminated entirely and you still have the leftover, you may use a towel or rag. Place it on the residues. Heat the iron without steam and place it on the rag. The heat will melt the wax and make it easy to eliminate it from the surface, especially from the tile grout.

Step 3.

If you don’t have an iron on the spot or want an alternative iron, use the dryer with high heat. Point toward the rag from a few inches to get efficient results.


You may use steps #2 and #3 to remove the wax from any fabric.

Final Thought

The following article will help remove the hair wax from the tile grout. Different methods like hot soapy water, vinegar, and rubbing alcohol may give you ideal results.

You may also use the method of removing the wax by making it hard with ice and heating it. Go with any of it. You may repeat the procedure or apply 2 or three methods to get accurate results.

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