Components of a sprinkler system

components of a sprinkler system. Electronic Timer is also known as the brain of the sprinkler system. The major duties of the timer are to control the flow of water from the source and distribute it to other systems.

It’s the timer that actually controls and tells valves when to close/on. And hence allowing you to fully control which areas will be functioning.

While a traditional timer has limited features and allows you to schedule the watering system. The advanced timers provide more features like moisture sensing, these timers sense the moisture and shut off the system.

Components of a sprinkler systemComponent of a sprinkler system

Backflow preventer

Backflow is an effective component of the sprinkler system that prevents potable water from contamination.

The basic purpose of the backflow preventer is to prevent the contaminated water from flowing back to the water source and that’s why it is called a backflow preventer.

Backflow is occurring when the pressure in the sprinkler system is greater than that of the source system, this pressure is referred to as backflow pressure. In this situation, the backflow preventer is used to keep the water source protected from backflow pressure.

Water pump

A water pump is also an important part of the sprinkler system, its basic purpose is to provide equal pressure of water to the system.

The use of a water pump depends on the type of installations you are going to make. For small installations (for small areas) a single booster pump is enough.

But for the large area installation, you will need multiple irrigation pumps. Water pumps are much needed for the proper functioning of the system.

For a garden hose, the water pressure by your water supply is enough to operate the sprinkler.

But for the large sections, you might need an irrigation system for higher pressure. High pressure ensures equal water to all pipes and sprinklers.

Water meter

Water meter provides you the control of the water supply to various zone, with the help of water meter you can determine that all zones are getting the appropriate amount of water.

But in some cases, it can be set up by a local water supplier, and depending on their rules and conditions you may be charged for water and sewage treatment.

Control valves

Control valves are used to divide the whole system into zones and you can control the flow of water to each zone. For the systems with electronic timers’ vales are controlled by the timers.

The opening and closing of valves are dependent on the electronic timer water scheduling. The valves are attached to the timer with the help of wires and these wires carry control signals.

The valve box

The valve box is used for housing the valves and other components like wires, sensors, etc. to protect them.

The valve boxes are usually placed underground and they provide you easy access to valves and other parts by the time of need.

Shut-off valve

The shut-off valve is an important component of the sprinkler systems when it comes to preventing and alleviating potentially destructive problems.

A well-programmed controller, a solenoid switch, and a power supply work together to shut off the sprinkler when there is any issue detected.

When you have well-planned sprinkler system zones and sufficient shutoff valves, you can eliminate the chances of disruptions and enhance the protection.

The sprinkler heads

The sprinkler heads ensure full water coverage to your lawn and garden. A variety of sprinklers are available with different functionalities and applications.

Pipes and risers

To ensure efficient water supply to all areas, the pipes and risers are used. The pipes are connected to a main water source to control valves, and from valves to the sprinkler heads. Risers are directly connected to sprinkler heads.

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