How To Measure A Roof For Shingles

How To Measure A Roof For Shingles. Including dormers, all the lengths and widths of each plane should be noted. Then the area of the plane is length multiplied by width. Calculate the square foot of each plane separately and then add the square foot together.

I wanted to know the number of shingles that I needed to install on my roof. But I didn’t know the exact number of shingles.

I could make a random guess, but it wouldn’t be enough. Then I remembered the numbers of shingles can be calculated with math. I calculated the shingles needed and installed them.

Read to learn!.

How To Measure A Roof For ShinglesMeasure A Roof For Shingles

Having the exact number of shingles that you need for the roof is great. Knowing the number helps save shingles and money spent on them.

Shingles are measured and have different sizes, but finding the exact length makes the determination of numbers easy. Math is numbers and maths is used to measure the shingles and the number. The calculation is simple.

To know the numbers, measure the length of the pane separately and the length of shingle you want to install. Use a measuring tape for calculating the length.

Then measure the width using the same tape. Note the length and width to multiply them and find the area. Add the total multiplication of all the planes together. Divide the total by 33 and the length will be known and you can add shingles length to find the number.

Separate measuring

Separate measuring is our first technique. In this, each plane’s length is measured by hand and so is width. Make a structure of the roof with a pencil.

Make a square in 2d shape for representing a plane. USe rectangles depending on the plane. Present with lines where the panes of the roof meet.

Don’t miss any place out and add the shingles if already installed. Don’t need to add unnecessary details because it’s just a rough estimation. Add a line between the meeting planes for rectangles and squares.


Now using a ladder to get on the roof. Take the notes and the pencil with you. Now put the measuring tape on the roof.

Lay the measuring tape flat from one side and stands on the other side. Let the tape slide down the roof. Check the total measurement and use the pencil to note it.

Put the measurements on each side accurately. Now take the tape and put it on the roof again, but this time spread the tape the other way.

Walk the tape to the other point and if the tape isn’t enough, mark the point and then use the tape from the point again. Measure lengths of each.


NOw that length is taken, calculate them. Multiply the height with the number of widths. Multiplying will get you the area. Use [(B1 + B2) x height] / 2 to find the area of trapezoid. Use this where the top edge is shorter than the bottom edge. Use the particular formula for each shape.

After discovering the area, you can add the area of all the planes. Add all the plane’s area and then divide by the total number of planes. You will get the answer in square meters or feet. You can convert feet to meters and meters to feet later.

Shingle number

For this estimation. You can use paper and measure the total length of the roof. Measure roof width just like the length. Note the lengths and make separate measurements of the planes.

The separate planes should be measured by height and width. You can then multiply the plane’s length by its width and calculate the area.

The area like before is added to calculate the total and then divided. Then check the number of shingles you need by checking the average shingle length. As the shingle length is known. Divide the area by it and the number that comes is the number of shingles you’ll need.

The last word

Calculating the single height and width to know the number is starting. You need to know the roof’s height and width. The area has then calculated the width of the plane measurements separately. Later, add the areas to get the total roof area.

The total roof area is helpful to find the shingles number. Divide the length of one shingle from the total area and you’ll see the number of required shingles. Buy the number of shingles you need and use them. Get professional for reference.

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