Unclog plumbing vent without getting on roof

Unclog plumbing vent without getting on roof. There is a clog in your plumbing, and the water is not coming from the taps due to that clog. This clog has many reasons behind it, and these are maybe minor or big.

This thing entirely depends on them. They are maybe from the roof. Here is the condition that you clear the clog, but without getting on the roof, you must clear it from the taps or the other techniques but not getting on the roof to unclog it.

The whole system of the plumbing is set on the roof; if there is an issue with the plumbing, then you have to check it by getting on the roof.

Unclog plumbing vent without getting on roofUnclog plumbing vent

You can unclog the vent of the plumbing without getting n the roof, and you can maybe easily find and set the vent which is clogged and creating problems for you. The unclogging process is discussed step by step below:

1. See the vent location

First, you have to check the location of the vent where it is placed on the roof, where it is connected, and where it goes.

The idea for this location is you can measure it from the ground of your house, or you go to the neighbor’s home and see from there.

Check the pipe clogging from the ground, chase that pipe, and reach its end on the roof. This way, you can easily find the location of the clogging pipe.

By chasing from the wall, you can reach the vent pipe and check how the vent pipe passes the water down and how you come down by climbing, and in that way, you can see where the vent clogs.

Make a hole in the pipeMake a hole in the pipe

When you check the pipe thoroughly, then you should start setting it; you can set it by starting the repair. Now you have to take the tool you use to open the pipe and start opening the pipe here.

Opening means that you should make the hole in it to proceed next. Be conscious, remove it carefully and avoid that you do not create any issue that is unsuitable for your drain or the plumbing system.

Be careful and avoid the scratches or cracks produced when you open that portion that is clogged.

Enter cable

In this step, you must start entering the cable in the hole you make to unclog the pipe. Take the wire, which is good in the length that can reach the ending point of the pipe, and this is also hard as it does not bend or cause any problem like the bent or broken.

Enter cable in the vent straight until it reaches the part from where the pipe is clogged. This is not the ordinary wire.

This is the special wire you can use for this process especially, and this is flexible as it can be bent the same to the location of the bent in the pipe. This is also called a snake.

When this cable enters the pipe and reaches the clogged material, it can attack it and start finishing it. First, you can enter the cable upward, and if the vent is not open, repeat the same procedure and then take it out and enter on the alternate side, this is the downside. You have to enter this downward and do the same procedure.

Clear the hole

Now by using the procedure of entering the wire, you should clear the hole which you have made for the entering of the cable in the pipe for the opening of the vent, creating problems for your whole plumbing system.

Use the material suitable for clearing the hole you made to complete the work and close this permanently because when the water flows in the pipe, this starts leaking from the place where you made the hole. Measure this hole and apply the material suitable for permanently closing the hole.

Coupler over

When you close the vent hole, place the coupler over the pipe. You make it tight as this is the thing that is wholly used for the tightness of the vent from where you have made the hole.

It is the best thing that prevents the leakage and aftermath of the leakages which are in the pipes. Also, scrape the knife for both ends.

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