How to measure linear feet for cabinets

How to measure linear feet for cabinets. Drawing a diagram after measuring the cabinets and then sketching the location and other things.

Adding extra walls and their measurements, Surat the allowance, and later calculating the linear foot of it will get your result. Calculating the dimension length is a tricky part, but it’s easy.

I wanted to build a new cabinet the size of the old cabinet. I wanted a rough estimate at first, but then I decided to check the measurement in feet completely.

Though dimension and taking length were hard. I was good at geometry and measurements, so I did it swiftly. The easiest way to measure the feet of a cabinet is below.

Read to learn!.

How to measure linear feet for cabinetsmeasure linear feet for cabinets

Measuring cabinets to build a new cabinet or just installing something in the cabinets is normal. But a lot of people plainly measure the cabinets and don’t know the dimensions and the measurement of dimensions of the cabinet.

This makes the measurement, especially in feet, very difficult to handle. There are formulas for calculating the area and the dimensions.

Plain measurements are also important and sketching a rough cabinet diagram and including the walls in it is necessary. Adding the extra measurements of the wall and then subtracting the measurement from the total is vital.

Then calculating the linear foot is the step. Then we covert linear feet into square feet for easy measuring and setting. You can get a new cabinet of the length you just measured or change the size.

Drawing and sketchingDrawing and sketching

Start by drawing the diagram outline of the cabinet. If you want an upper or lower cabinet, the design is the same. You can make two diagrams of the cabinet to take their measurements separately.

Later, add the cabinet of both upper and lower to instruct yourself. The diagram of the cabinet should be top-down for better measuring. Now make diagrams of the appliances you are going to install in the cabinet.

Take the average appliance size as a reference to not confuse it. Take measurements of already installed or bought appliances for better reference.

Appliances like a fridge will take the upper cabinet because of the height, while the stove will be placed in the lower cabinet.

Other devices will take their respective cabinet depending on their size and use. Now start drawing lines to set the location of the cabinet on the wall.

Add all appliances in the diagram and add a straight line for both lower and upper cabinets. Use different colors to add the lines and the appliances so you know where to put which appliance and the proper length to know it easily. Leave proper spaces so the cabinet won’t have a problem while opening.


Now use a measuring tape to take the measurement of the cabinet in inches. Measurement doesn’t require skills. So put the edge of the measuring tape on one side and then attach it while you move the measuring tape to the other side.

Check the inches and note the cabinet measurement on the sketch. Make sure the measuring tape is placed flatly without bends. Take cabinet measurement twice.

It clears your doubts. Better get a person to hold one end of the measuring tape so the measurement doesn’t go wrong. Every inch of the cabinet makes a difference.

Take the measurements of the appliances too and use the same method as the above. Measure each appliance and note the length on the sketch. Don’t forget wall measurements and note them.


After measuring and drawing, now, you can calculate the feet. Now start adding the lengths of the bag. Add both upper and lower cabinet lengths.

There are L shapes in the diagram. Multiply all L shapes with 24 and then subtract them from the total cabinet length.

The lower case usually won’t have L shapes, so no subtraction is needed, but if there is even a single L-shape, subtract it. Check the inches of both lower and upper cabinets separately and note them.

Add lower and upper cabinet length and then decide the sum by 12. Every foot has 12 inches, so dividing will convert the inches into feet. Now conversion and the measurement in linear feet are complete.

The last word

The measuring of the cabinet in linear feet isn’t difficult. If you want to measure in feet, then you can convert the inches into feet with online software.

Without the internet, you can use the calculator and use the formula above for fast calculation. You can take the length in feet separately for the cabinets and them later or you can add them and separate them later.

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