How to hang grommet curtains

How to hang grommet curtains. Curtains are a necessary need for any house, these are used for different purposes in the home. They are used to prevent the home from the sunlight when it is too hot outside and the rays affect directly your room and you got disturbed.

These curtains are also hung to prevent you from the hot outside. Grommet curtains are those which contain metal, or any other type of material that is used as a grommet. Grommets are small round-type things that are used for hanging the curtains on the panel.

How to hang grommet curtainshang grommet curtains

The Process of hanging these curtains is very easy to hang and their process is very simple you can hang them on your own without the need of any instructor if you have the tools. The tools that are required to hang grommet curtains are.


The tools that are required for the hanging of the curtains are given.

  1. Tape that is usually used for measuring.
  2. Curtains.
  3. Panel on which we hang these curtains.
  4. Hooks.
  5. Led pencil with eraser
  6. Ladder

These are some necessary tools that are used for the hanging of the curtains. Now I am going to tell you the steps that are used for the hanging of curtains. These steps are:

1) Measurement

The very first thing that is used for the hanging of curtains is that you should measure the area of the window or another place where you want to hang these curtains the measurement is very important as if you do not measure the thing it is a strong chance of fault occurs in it if any fault in the thing your work is not done well.

If you want to hang the curtains but you have not measured the length of both things and while hanging any issue come then you are responsible for that.

It is your responsibility to maintain the thing according to your needs before starting work. First, measure the things that solve the issue which is with them if there is not an issue so nothing is best from it.

But in these types of things, the measurement is necessary. Measure the wall size and double it for the size of curtains because curtains are not placed single there are grommets in them and they are in the form of layers and it takes more fabrics than the size of the wall or window.

2) Rod lengthRod length

After measurements of the curtains and the wall, you have to measure the size or the length of the rod which you place for the hanging of the grommet.

Now the thing you have to remind me is that the rod you are using for the hanging of the curtains is large from the size of the window.

If the window is single then your rod must be long up to 7 inches long from the size of the window but in case the window is double you should take it up to 14 to 15 inches long from the size of the window, this is because when we open curtains so they do not stick in the window it gets out from the window side.

3) Height of window

When you have measured the rod then you have to measure the height of the window. Measurement of the height of the window is very important, if the measurement of your window is accurate and good then you have to place the row well.

Keep in mind that this height measurement is just for the placement of the rod to hang curtains on it. The height that is necessary for the placement of the rod is usually about 84 inches to 85 inches. This is the normal size but you can set it according to your need.

4) Hang rod

Now you have to hang the rod where you want to hang it. But before hanging you have to place the hooks at which that rod hung.

Hooks are important to hang for the rod because the rod needs to hang on some support, if there is not any support so it does not hang. After the hooks placing you have to hang the rod on the hooks.

5) Place the curtain in the rod

You have t place the curtains in the rod when your hooks are placed then you have to arrange the curtains in the rod and remind that you should place the curtain and arrange it in the best sequence as its layers do not get out of order or any other thing.

You should arrange them before hanging because when you hang it then you may not set it according to your need and you should remove it from the hanging place and set, after placing you have to set it again and the place, instead of all this procedure you have to arrange them in the first time and perfect as they do not need of any change in it.

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