How to remove pop socket

How to remove pop socket. Nowadays pop sockets are a hot trend but over time design changes. There could be several reasons you want to remove your pop sockets.

Either you are thinking of cleaning and reusing it or changing it with a newer design. But removing the pop socket is a little bit harder and needs some extra care while doing the job. If pop sockets handle carelessly they can pose a serious effect on your smartphone.

How to remove pop socketHow to remove pop socket 2022

pop sockets are one of the best accessories for mobile and tablets. if you want to remove the pop socket for cleaning and reusing it, or for using it on another surface like a mirror, windows, etc.

The aforementioned steps are best to safely remove your pop socket.

3-Easy Steps to remove pop socket safely

1: Push the expanded top of the pop socket down: applying force on the expanded top to remove is not advised.

If you apply force or try to remove the pop socket while expanding it may damage or detach it from the base.

2: put your fingernails under the base of the pop socket.

After making sure the top is not expanded, put your fingernails under the base. Now push your fingernails a little bit until they are underneath the base.

make your fingernails grasp the pop socket, it will feel like you are pulling the pop socket away from the phone.

If your fingernails are not good enough to slide under the base of the pop socket, you can take other tools like dental floss.

3: Pull off the pop socket

Last step is about pulling off the pop socket from your phone. Grip the pop socket and apply a light force to pull it off.

Avoid pulling it hard as it can break the pop socket. Start pulling from one side and carry the process to the other side nicely.

Steps to clean Pop-Socket for future use

If you detached the pop socket to clean it for the purpose to reuse. Follow the steps below to clean your pop socket and reattach it.

  1. Rinse the base under cold water: Take your pop socket and run the base under running cold water, note doesn’t put it under cold water for too long. If you put it underwater for a longer time it may take much time to dry and even it water can damage the stickiness.
  2. Wait for the drying period (10 minutes): Experts suggest drying the pop socket for a drying period of ten minutes.
  3. One important thing is that the base or sticky side should be facing up. The time to dry should not exceed 15 minutes and if the socket is not dry, wipe it with a paper towel or cloth.
  4. Attach the pop socket back to the phone again: pop sockets are good for silicon, leather, and waterproof surfaces.once the pop socket is dry, reapply it back to the phone. You can also use it for mirrors, windows, and tablets. After reapplying the pop socket wait for at least 1 hour before expanding it.

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