How to hang a chair from the ceiling

How to hang a chair from the ceiling. Hanging chair swings add more beauty and leisure to your home design. And it facilitates you to enjoy and relax.

The hanging chair can be hung from trees or the ceiling anywhere in your home. You can hang the chair in the ceiling, to create a good joyful environment for your children.

The beauty of the hanging chair swings is that they can be fixed on a joist or concrete ceiling.

Things you need to hang a chair from the ceiling

  • A ladder to easily reach the ceiling.
  • hanging hardware, the eye screw, and other components.
  • rope or chain, s-hooks, and locking carabiners.
  • an electric drill machine.
  • Ask Assistance from a friend for help.

How to hang a chair from the ceilinghanging chair from ceiling for bedroom

To hang a chair to the ceiling, choose a suitable location, find and mark the stud. Mark the point for mount and take a drill to make the holes.  Attach the mount to the points with the help of screws and finally hang the chair with rope or chains.

Find a suitable location

The first step is to identify and choose a proper location with ample space.

There should be good padding from the wall, to make a secure surrounding around your sewing. Furniture and other barriers should be removed from the area.Find a suitable location

For the sharp corners, it’s suitable to add some protective bumpers.

Keep in mind that the base of the hanging chair should be between 28 and 32 inches broad when picking a location.

Inspect the ceiling

Inspect the ceiling for joist if your house has a wooden frame. Usually, the joists have a space of around 16 to 24 inches on the corner. Check your hanging chair it must have a screw for the joist.

There is an instrument known as a stud finder which helps to find the center of the joist. Mark the points of the joist for an easy installation.

Ceiling Made of concrete is easier to find the mount where you can install the hanging chair. Once you have found the mounting area, add plumbing bob.

Mark the mount

Most of the hanging chairs came with hardware attachments, to assist you in finding the allowed weight limit.  An x-shaped mount is good for hanging the chair.

Keep in mind that the load rating of the hanging chair mount should be at least 600 pounds. Once you got the hanging chair mount, hold it on the ceiling, take a pencil to mark the points for fasteners.

Drill the holes

Outfit the drill and make holes on the points you marked earlier.Make holes with a drill bit that is smaller than the width of the eye screw. Holes should be deep enough for secure hanging of the chair.

Attach the hanging chair mount

Attach the mount by Threading the bolt to the ceiling, you can do it by hand. After that, take the wrench and make the bolts tight.

Double-check, if the Mount is tight enough, you can do it by changing your weight down to the mount.

Attach chair to rope and finish up things

Attach the rope to the eye screws and with the chair. Double-check, if the ropes are securely connected and strong enough. Check the height of the chair from the ground, the ideal height of the chair is between 18 to 24 inches.

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