How to get lint off black pants

How to get lint off black pants. The lint over the black pants /clothes is worst, and hard to get rid of with hands. The lint over black pants ruins the outfit and makes it look unpleasant.

It’s hard to get rid of the lint from black pants, it can take up to 15 minutes from your morning ruin. The black pants can take a punch of lint because of microfibers after everyday wear and tear of clothes.

This problem is most commonly occurs after the laundry, even lint of other clothes can also stick to your black pants. You can protect your clothes from getting lint.

How to get lint off black pantslint off black pants

There are many ways you can get rid of lint off the black pants. The dryer sheet, scotch tape, and lint rollers are considered the best solution to remove lint from clothes.

Take the dryer sheet and rub the black pants to remove the lint. You can also use sticky scotch tape or roll the roller over the pant to remove the lint.

Remove lint with the help of a dryer sheet

Dryer sheets turn effective to remove any lint from black pants. The easiest method is to start by rubbing the dryer sheet gently over the black pant several times. Repeat many times this process and your pant will be lint-free.

There is another method by using the dryer sheet with pants inside the dryer. Put your pants inside the dryer and then run the dryer with air-only settings. In this way, you will get your pants lint-free.

Washing the clothes with a washing machine helps to get rid of lint. Check your clothes if they have extra lint, put them inside the washing machine, and run a wash cycle.

After the wash cycle, you will get your black pants lint-free. To keep the pants lint-free turn your clothes inside out and then wash.

Use a pumice stone to get rid of lint

Are you familiar with a pumice stone, yeah pumice stone can be used to remove lint from the black pant? First, try pumice stone at one part of the pants to confirm if it will not pose any damage to the skin of the pant.

Don’t use pumice stone over thin nylon or black silk, pumice stone damages thin nylon and silk.

Use scotch tape

A common household item, the scotch tape can be used to remove lint from the black pants. You can use sticky and adhesive tape to clean the lint off the clothes, especially black pants.

For a larger area of clothes take an adhesive drawer liner and sticky papers to remove lint more quickly.

Lint roller to remove lint off black pants

A lint roller is good at removing the lint off the black pants. You can easily find the lint roller in the market. A lint roller works by rolling a sticky paper or adhesive pad over the black pants.

Buying a large lint roller is good to cover a larger surface at once, while the small lint rollers are good when your pants have only small patches of lint.

Start by rolling a lint roller over the surface of the black pants. Put your black pants on a flat surface, a table could be a good choice. The role is the lint roller over the black pants in long strokes to cover a large area.

You may need to roll the lint roller several times If your black pants are full of lint. Remove or peel off the sticky paper so you can get better results. save the lint roller over a safe place for future use if your black pants have regular lint.

Prevent your black pants from lint:

  • wash the machine from inside to remove any lint.
  • Don’t wash your black pants often, washing the black pants often creates lint.
  • Always choose the air dry mode of drying the cloths or prefer the cloths to air dry.


The looser broken threads of the black pant can create the fuzz/ lint. It’s the worst situation when you check your black pants and they are full of lint. You can find easy solutions at home like scotch tape or dryer sheet, else buy a rolling lint remover. Wash your clothes and they dry at air mode to prevent lint.

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