How to fix a broken stove knob shaft

How to fix a broken stove knob shaft. Seeing the broken stove knob shaft is frustrating because you can not cook meals during meal time. Typically, a stove knob is a tiny knob that manages the temperature and various tasks in the oven.

If you do not use it gently, then it will break. It will be worn out if you will press it, again and again, to open or shut the door of the oven.

The knob got loosened due, and they broke off due to these reasons.

  • If the stove door drops on the floor, the knob will surely break down.
  • If someone pulls the knob with power, then it will be damaged.
  • Sometimes the knobs are also broken after the long-term usage, and a slight force will break the knob.

So these were some common causes of the broken knob of the stove; this article will help you with what to do after checking the broken knob. So keep reading.

How to fix a broken stove knob shaftHow to fix a broken stove knob shaft 2022

It does not often occur to the owners that the stove knob shaft gets broken or damaged because the manufacturers made and installed them in this way that there should be no harm to them until you move them forcefully.

If you want to fix a broken stove knob shaft, follow these steps to cook the meal again.

Reasons beyond the broken stove knob shaft

Usually, the stove knob is broken because of rough usage. When you push the knob with a lot of force, the knob will break.

With time, due to the usage, the cracks came on the knob and are damaged when you will turn it frequently.

If the stove door is fallen accidentally and there is nobody there to stop the door from falling on the floor, then the first thing that will break is the knob of the stove.

Switch off the supply of gas

Before repairing the broken knob or want to fix a new knob in the stove, switch off the gas supply from the fuel tank. If you have a natural gas supply, turn off the main valve, so there is no chance of gas leakage and fire hazard.

Use a hardener glue

If you are not willing to buy a new stove knob shaft and want to repair the damaged knob, then don’t waste your money by hiring this simple task. You can do it in just two minutes in this way.

  • Take a hardener glue to fix the plastic. Always try to use quality proxy glue to set the plastic because if you use ordinary glue, it will not fix the broken plastic parts.
  • Now put it on the broken part of the knob. Don’t use your hands to hold the plastic parts because the epoxy can harm your hands. Always wear the glove and nose needle plier to keep the broken pieces.
  • Now grip it together for a minimum of 3 to 4 minutes. The glue took some time to tighten the plastic parts with each other. If you will not hold the birth parts, then the knob will not be fixed properly and will break again when you turn it.
  • When you see the plastic is perfectly dried out, then leave it.
  • Now fix the stone knob in the stove shaft.
  • Turn on the gas to check the knob.
  • Switch on the knob and slowly check it.
  • If it works well, you can continue to cook the meal, but if it breaks down, you should purchase a new knob to fix in the stove shaft.

Purchase a new knob

If you are not willing to repair the old knob and want to purchase a new knob, then it is the best choice because there will always be a chance of damage. You can buy the new knob from the hardware store or online from Amazon.

Fixing a broken stove knob


The article’s bottom line is always to turn the stove knob gently because if you push with force, the plastic knob will break down.

If your stive knob is damaged and you want to repair it, always use epoxy glue to fix the broken parts. If you wish to buy a new knob, purchase it from Amazon or any hardware store on the market.

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