How to decorate a deep corner fireplace mantel

How to decorate a deep corner fireplace mantel. There are many ways and ideas to decorate a deep corner fireplace mantel, so don’t disappoint because you make this bedroom corner very attractive with slight changes around its surroundings.

Fireplace mental is that place in our homes in which we burn fire to warm the room in the winter season. This place is the center of attraction in the home because the guest notices this part of the home when they come into your home. So, if you have decorated this part, then it will give a good impression of your choice and personality.

You can decorate your fireplace mantel with artwork, pottery, vessels, etc. Most people love to watch movies sitting close to the fireplace in the winter, so they put their tv above the fireplace to watch. So significantly less space remains on the mantel, so you can put a small piece of a showpiece to decorate the place.

How to decorate a deep corner fireplace manteldecorate a deep corner fireplace mantel

The fireplace mantel is a focusing and centering part of every home, so it is very important to decorate it decently so that if someone comes into your home, then it gives a good impression.

You can decorate it with so many things. Therefore, I am writing this article to share various ideas on decorating a deep corner fireplace mantel.

Colour layout

Always try to use bright colors if you want to add decoration to any room. You can use a variety of natural colors.

If your fireplace mantel is too old and has lost its beauty, you can color the bricks and wood around it. Try to mix the color and gives an extra shade to the walls and bricks.

Fancy attachment

You can decorate the fireplace mantel with fancy attachments to its surroundings. Different artwork and vessels are available in the market to decorate a part of the home.

Change the place of attachments.

It is another idea to change the look of the fireplace mantel. Chang,e the place of attachments of a vessel,l is present on the left side of the mantel, then replace its place with the other accessory placed on the right side.

It is human psychology that the person gets bored with one look for some time so try to change the accessory settings after six months.


Furnishing matters a lot in the decoration of a fireplace mantel. It is essential to have an idea of what type of furniture is suitable in that place and how you arrange the chairs and tables.

The closer the furniture is placed to the fireplace, the more elegant it looks. The face of the furniture should be towards the fireplace; it won’t just get more elegant but also provide better heat to you.

Art decorationArt decoration

You can decorate the fireplace corner with art decoration. Many people love to read books sitting close to the mantel so you can make books shelves with a variety of books.

Charming classic style

The charming classic style will enhance the colors. The classical design lets the fireplace blend in with the environment, making it look so natural that it would be empty without it.

Rounded fireplace

The Colour scheme and shapes matter a lot in the decoration of the fireplace mantel. Most people love to fit the mantel’s white stone and round shape. The round shape gives a gorgeous look to the mantel.

Cottage style

Giving a cottage-style look to fireplace mental is a beautiful idea. You can frame the room’s roof with framed timber to increase the beauty of the place.

Close to the window

When you plan to make a fireplace in the bedroom or study room, try fixing it close to the windows. It gives a fantastic view of the inside.

How To Style A Fireplace Mantel


The bottom line of the article is that if you have a fireplace mantel in the home and you are looking to decorate a deep corner fireplace mantel, then this article will surely help you get different ideas and ways to decorate the place.

It gives the personality and choice of the homeowner, so you should decorate it well to give an excellent impression to the guest.

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