How to decorate a bay window ledge

How to decorate a bay window ledge. Using pillows as decorations for ledges is excellent. You can use throw cushions. Use wooden lanterns to decorate, and the pillow softness will enhance the beauty. Using family photos and paints will make it more classical as well. Adding other decorative materials is a good idea.

My edge looked really plain, and my friends always told me to make it a bit attractive. I decided to decorate my ledge and show them my aesthetics. They were surprised on their next visit. They asked me for decoration tips too. I helped them with this article.

You can decorate our ledge with the articles’ help too. Read and decorate after learning.

How to decorate a bay window ledgedecorate a bay window ledge

Essential things are enough to decorate the window wedge. You can get window decoration stuff from the market and even house stuff. Start with pillows.

The tenderness of the pillow fabric makes the ledge look very elegant. Then use lanterns made of wood to give it a traditional feel. Hang pictures or frames on the ledge and see the decorations. Look for mirrors and small notes to make it attractive.

Look for pictures of already decorated ledges and note the specific decoration things they have. The article has all the decoration elements required to enhance the ledge.

The more gently you decorate, the more people like your decoration. The aesthetic sense in decoration is crucial. Get less flashy materials and give class by adjusting the right ones.

With pillowsdecorate window ledge With pillows

Pillows’ decoration may sound a bit off to you. But f you want to give the wedge a bit of a royal look, then pillows and cushions are your things. Start by checking the color of the wall and then match the pillows.

The color doesn’t need to be the same, but it should be a bit aesthetic. Using pillows will give the window a bit of a comfortable look. The fabric of good quality will increase the elegance.

You can put the pillows in various colors to make a theme or match the color with the curtains. The designed pillows or shaped pillows give it a fancy look, while elegant colored pillows make it look mature.

You can buy versatile pillows and select the theme of the place. Using cushions and pillows together will give it more style. Try it out.

With pots

Pots can be used to decorate the ledge too. The ledge will no doubt look amazing with flowers blooming. If the sunlight is good at the ledge, then you can use more flowers, but if the sunlight isn’t good, fewer flowers are your choice.

Don’t worry about a few flowers. You can still use the flowers to make the ledge look natural.

The beauty of nature cannot be surpassed by humans. Using flower pots is a great idea to cover the ledge. YOu can make a small ledge garden for yourself and get refreshed with blooming flowers in the window. Try it out.

With framesWith frames

If you don’t want a ledge garden and pillows are a little too much for you, then frames are for you. Frames can be family picture frames, photos of your childhood, photos of your first pet, and even the pictures of your role model. The frames don’t need to be photos of people or animals.

The frames can be aesthetic frames, and you can put mirror frames as well. Though using family pictures and frames of achievements will brighten you up.

Having your role model will give you confidence. Try the frames on the stand rather than hanging them.


Decoration materials like unique candles and even stuffed animals are suitable on the ledge. Decorative material like fake fruits can be used too. Just put fake candles that have light, and you’ll see the beauty. You can put vases with design to give it a traditional view.


The conclusion of decoration is simple. Decorations don’t need to be bound to something for others. Put the things you like on the ledge. Things that refresh you like plants and things that motivate you to go forward.

Make the ledge look pretty or elegant by your choice. Live the ledge era with your own style and just take references from above.

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