Grill not getting hot enough

Grill not getting hot enough. As you know high flame is required to get cooking on the grill. If the grill is not getting hot enough then it is very frustrating because the food will get more time to cook deliciously.

There are many causes behind the low flame on the grill but the most important is that its regulator is damaged due to which not enough gas or propane is accessing the grill.

There is also a chance of leaking gas or if you are using propane fuel then leaking propane from the tank. A very less amount of gas is reaching the grill due to leakage.

That’s why the flame of the grill is very low although you have turned it open at the maximum point.

Another big reason could be the clog in the gas pipeline. If there is dust or debris in the line then gas or propane does not flow in full flow so the grill will not get hot because of the low flame.

I hope you will be able to find the troubleshooting behind this issue after reading my research discussed in this article.

Grill not getting hot enough

Grill not getting hot enough

This article it is discussed that what are the possible reasons behind the stove or grill not getting hot to cook the food.

If there is a fault in the regulator, gas pipeline, or the fuel container then definitely this issue will automatically generate.

Switch off the gas supply

The first step to do when you want to troubleshoot the work related to the gas is that switch off its main supply from the tank or main valve. It is best for self-safety from any fire hazard.

Low gas problem

Sometimes the less gas reaching the grill is because of the low gas problem in the main gas pipeline. If you are using natural gas from the supply company and suddenly the flames get low in the grill. There are chances of fewer gas issues in the line.

Wind speed is high

It is also the fact that if the wind speed is high in the kitchen then it will disturb the flame on the grill. The flame will get lower due to more wind. So ensure that there is no high-speed wind blowing in the kitchen.


If the components of the grill or fuel tank are rusted from the corrosion then the efficiency of the grill will definitely decrease.

So always save the grill and tank from the water especially when it is raining.

The lid of grill is open

Many people love to cook food but if the lid of the grill will be open then there will not be enough eaten inside to cook the food perfectly.

Some people open the lid slightly to see the food but its drawback is that all the heat is escaped and the grill does not heat up.

You have two options for this, first is to take such a lid through which you can see through or close the lid completely. You can check the temperature on the gauge, if it is increasing after closing the lid then your problem is solved.

Regulator is faulty

Regulator is faulty

If you are using a propane tank for the grill and there is less flame in the grill, it could be an issue with the regulator which is damaged.

If it is used for the safety system. When it detects that the gas is leaking then it will switch off the supply of gas to the grill instinctively.

You can check the leaking of gas and then reset the regulator. One more thing if you find the regulator damaged due to wear and tear then replace it with a new one.

Gas leaking from the tank

If your gas or propane tank is too old then there may be chances that gas started leaking from it due to the cracks in it. The gas is not reaching the grill at full flow so that’s why it is not heating up enough to cook the food.

If your tank is out of date then it is better to replace it and fix a new tank for the grill. This can save you from the fire hazard also.

Clog in the pipeline

If there is a clog of dust and debris in the line then there will be a blockage of gas to reach the grill.

Less amount of gas will reach the grill or stove. So it is necessary to clean the pipeline after regular intervals to get the full flow of gas to the grill.


If you are facing the issue of the to cook the food in time then all possible reasons are mentioned in the article, hopefully by following the above steps your issue of low flame will be fixed.

If still, the grill is not getting hot then you can hire a professional to inspect the grill.

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