Roku won’t turn on

Roku won’t turn on. It is very irritating when you are watching an exciting movie, and your Roku turns off, and an even worse situation is that the roku tv not working.

Roku TVs are the latest and most modern devices, but still, you can not say about any electrical unit when it goes wrong and stops to turn on.

The first thing to do whenever any electrical device starts to malfunction is switch off the unit for five minutes and then restart it. Mainly this trick works, and the unit starts to work again. So, if your Roku Tv is not turning on, restart it because it may solve your problem.

If you switch on the Roku, form its IR remote, then check that remote batteries are finished or working. There are chances that remote batteries are low.

If the remote batteries are recently changed, check that anything is lying between the remote and Roku device. If there is anything present, remove it and then try to switch on the device.

Roku won’t turn onRoku won't turn on 2022

There are a lot of causes responsible if your Roku Tv stops to turn on. Sometimes it becomes very frustrating because you are sitting with your family to watch the next episode of your favorite show.

First, restart the Roku device because sometimes it is just a simple solution to the problem. If it does not work, I am writing this article to explain the possible causes of roku not working.

Check the power cable

If the Roku tv is not switching on, check the power cord of the device to see whether it properly fits in the wall outlet.

If you are in a hurry, you do not fix the cord properly in the wall outlet. So tightly fix the cord and the outlet. After that, inspect the power cable. If it is damaged or tangled, you must replace the cord to turn on the Roku.Check the power cable

Keep in mind one point also; the outlet in which you are trying to plug in the cord may be damaged, and there is no current in it, so plug in the power cord of the Roku in the extension board to confirm this issue.

Check the Roku IR remote batteries

The Roku IR remote is next to check if no issue is found with the power cord and wall acceptable. It is essential to change the remote batteries after three to four months if you daily watch the Tv.

If you are trying to turn on the Roku device with its remote and it is not switching on, check the remote for physical damage. It might fall off the floor and stopped to operate. So, if it is physically damaged, you can not operate the Tv with it.

Ensure that no physical object is placed between the remote and the Roku device when you turn on the device. Let’s say there is a chair or table in between.

Then the Tv sensor can not catch the remote signal, remove all physical objects and then try to on the device.


It is essential to use the electrical device carefully because if you use your Roku Tv continuously for a full day it will heat up and turns off.

So please switch off the Tv for one hour to let its components cool down. After one hour, try to press the power button to switch on the Tv.

Damaged hardwareDamaged hardware

If the Tv is not turning on, TV hardware may be damaged. Sometimes the wire connection inside the Tv becomes loose due to debris. Don’t try to open the screws in this case because it is a very complex device.

If you try to repair it by yourself, you can further damage it so take the services of a certified expert who will open the back panel of the Roku Tv and tight or replace the faulty component inside the Tv.


The final words of this article are that if your Roku Tv doesn’t turn on, there are various reasons beyond this problem.

First, do not watch Tv continuously for the whole day because it overheats the various components of Tv. Check the power cord, remote batteries, inner wire connections, etc.

I suggest you don’t try to repair your Roku Tv yourself because it is dangerous; a slight error can damage or fire up the Tv.

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