Dyson Red Blinking Light

Dyson Red Blinking Light. If the Dyson vacuum cleaner’s red light is blinking, you are in for a battery problem. If the battery of the vacuum cleaner doesn’t work properly, the red light on the vacuum will blink and express it. The battery replacement of the vacuum is the only available option.

My Dyson vacuum cleaner was blinking with a red light. I didn’t know about the cleaner’s red light and function. I opened the vacuum cleaner guide and looked for it but didn’t see it.

I contacted the Dyson help service, and they explained the reason why the red light in the Dyson vacuum cleaner was blinking. They said battery replacement is the only option, and I figured something out.

Dyson Red Blinking LightDyson Red Blinking Light 2022

Dyson vacuum cleaners are great, but when the red light blinks, that means the vacuum cleaners are not so great anymore.

If the red light of our Dyson is blinking and the vacuum refuses to work, then there isn’t a need to diagnose that your battery has been compromised, and the vacuum cleaner won’t work without battery replacement. Replacing the battery of Dyson is best left to the professionals.

But you can replace the battery of Dyson by yourself too. Starting with power and removing the screws are things that will keep you intact. The red lattice ends pressing, and then you remove the old battery and put the new battery. Screw the vacuum cleaner and turn it on.

Replacing the battery

Replacing the battery can be done through two means. Either you open the vacuum cleaner and replace the battery yourself, or you send the vacuum to Dyson’s team and get the battery replaced.

I prefer replacing the vacuum’s battery myself as it’s pretty easy. The steps of Dyson battery replacement are given below.


The first step is to check the vacuum and see if the battery is really out of order. The blinking is something you can’t doubt. The 12 times blinking of the red light in any Dyson vacuum means the vacuum has a battery issue.

But still, before replacement, it’s better to check the model number and the number of times the red light is blinking. Make sure the red light is blinking and not flashing, as both blinking and flashing can mean different things. If the light is blinking and not flashing, then move to the next step.

Cutting power

The vacuum cleaner having a battery doesn’t mean it’s not plugged, so if your vacuum cleaner is plugged and getting the power, you need to turn the vacuum power source off and plug it out.

Power the vacuum cleaner off first and then turn the power source down. Lastly, plug the vacuum out so that you don’t have a problem.


At the back handle of your vacuum cleaner, you will see screws that are closing the cover. If the cover of your vacuum cleaner has screws, you need a screwdriver. Unscrew the vacuum from the outside and move to the new step.

Removing the battery

You see, the red latch on the vacuum, you need to tap the red latch twice. As you tap twice, the reservoir of the vacuum will be moved. Now you will see screws in front of the battery. You need to remove the screws in front of the better as well.

As all the screws holding the battery have been removed. Pul the battery toward yourself in an outwards direction. This is all you need to do to dislodge the battery. Now you have the old battery in your hand.

Getting a battery

If you have removed the battery, you will see the serial number and details on the battery. You can go to a store or order a new battery from Dyson. They will help you purchase the battery, and you can pay online as well. But be sure to get the exact battery for your vacuum.

Inserting the battery

Now that you have the new battery, you need to insert it. Place the battery as the old battery was placed. Position the battery into the vacuum correctly and make sure it’s nested. Now place the screws to hold the battery.

By looking at the tab, especially for this purpose, do everything in reverse order and close the vacuum cleaner smoothly. Plug the vacuum cleaner and power the cleaner on. The red light on Dyson won’t blink, and you can clean smoothly from now on.

The last word

If the blinking red light on the vacuum is disturbing, you need to replace the battery. Replacing the Duson battery is easy if you follow the simple steps I gave. If you are not short on cash and have time, send the vacuum to Dyson care, and they will fix the battery for you.

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