Dryer won’t turn off unless door is open

Dryer won’t turn off unless door is open. Almost all of the dryers use the same door lock mechanism while running a cycle. Until the door is open, the dryer won’t run, and when you open the dryer’s door, it stops functioning.

But when something mishaps with the components, the dryer loses its excellence in working. So, if your dryer won’t turn off unless the door is open, somehow, it requires fixing.

Well, the issue is common, and if something happens like that, you should cut down the power supply first, then you may seek its solutions.

In the following article, we will discuss the issue, and the reasons why your dryer won’t stop even the door is open. You may follow our guidelines to fix the issue. Let us troubleshoot your dryer together.

Dryer won’t turn off unless door is openDryer won't turn off unless door

If your dyer denies to turn off until the door is open, then you need to examine its components. It might be the door switch and motor relay over the control board that is leading to the won’t turning-off issue.

In the following post, you may easily fix the issue by going through the troubleshooting procedure. Make sure that you are studying the fault with an eagle eye so that you can detect the exact error irrefutably.

Disable Anti-Wrinkle Prevent Feature

The first point that you need to check before inspecting any element is the wrinkle prevent feature. Most dryer manufacturers like Samsung added the wrinkle prevent feature in their dryers.

The feature enables the dryer to keep spinning even after the dryer ends its time of spinning. The useful feature actually helps the owner in preventing wrinkles.

So, when the cycle completes its cycle, and the clothes remain in the drum, then after a certain time, the drum starts spinning again for a specific time.

The procedure gets proceeding until you don’t stop your machine and eliminate the clothes. So, if you have activated the wrinkle-prevent feature unknowingly, then you may disable it to stop the drum with a closed door.

Faulty Door Switch

If there is not an enable wrinkle prevent feature, then you may check the door switch for any damage. The door switch informs the control board about the dryer door position.

If the door is open, the dryer won’t run until the switch doesn’t transmit a signal of a closed door. When you fold the door, it makes a clicking sound that’s a sign of a sound and healthy door switch.

It may create trouble for you if it gets faulty, so you need to inspect the door switch to find the actual culprit. Here are the steps below you may follow.

Step 1.

Firstly, it would help if you noticed the clicking sound while folding or unfolding the dryer door. If you hear nothing, it indicates an exhausted switch. Continue troubleshooting your switch with the explained steps.

Step 2.

Now, access the door switch on the door of your dryer and unfasten it from its place.

Step 3.

Now, you may use a multimeter and test the resistance of the switch. If the door switch is successfully giving the readings, it means it’s fine. But in the case of infinity, you need to replace it.

Check Motor Relay On The Control BoardCheck Motor Relay On The Control Board

Another one of the most familiar reasons for the dryer only stopping when you open the door is a malfunctioned motor relay over a control board.

Sometimes, the relay on the control board jammed in its ON state or shorted out. In that situation, the relay refuses the command from the control board to stop the dryer.

As a consequence, whenever you fold the door, the power runs to the motor from the door switch, and the dryer starts spinning. You should figure out the fault after an inspection.

Here are the steps below.

Step 1.

Power off the dryer from the button and unplug the cord from the socket.

Step 2.

Bring your machine forward to locate the control board from the back of the dryer.

Step 3.

Now, loosen the mounting screws of the control panel.

Step 4.

It would be best to bend your dryer so that you can take an east look at the control board.

Step 5.

You may easily figure out the relay motor switch situated on the control board. Examine the board for any damage. You may easily note the burnt black spots, indicating a burnt element on the board. You may flip the board to inspect its back.

Step 6.

If you find the board meeting, burnt pin, or dark marks, then you have successfully found the culprit.

Here are a few solutions for the malfunctioned motor relay switch. If you have the know-how of solder iron, then you may find it an easy task to replace the relay.

In the next steps, we will explain the entire procedure of replacing the relay and replacing the whole control board. You may go with any of them to fix the issue.

Replace The RelayReplace The Relay

If you want to replace the relay, then you must unfasten the control board of your dryer. It would be the best idea to capture an image of the board before detaching it.

Step 1.

Depending on the model, the board may have screws or locking tabs for holding the board. If your dryer has a dust cover, then you must remove it by unfastening its screws.

Step 2.

Locking tabs don’t need any tool for removal, but the screw requires a screwdriver. Detach the connector and take off the control board from the place.

After removing the control board, you may follow the steps to replace the relay

Step 1.

So, you need to solder the pins from the back of the motor relay. After soldering, you may unfasten the replay from its spot.

Step 2.

Now, you may remove the burnt spots from the back of the control board to enable the new relay to go through.

Step 3.

Place the new relay on the board and fit its pins into the control board.

Step 4.

Solder via heating on the new relay pins. Install the control board in its position. Intact the wire connectors. You may use the captured picture of the control board to attach the things in their exact places. Place its dust cover.

After accumulating all the detached parts in their residences, you may flick on the power. Check the performance of your dryer by running a cycle.

Install a New Control Board

If you want to replace the entire control board, then you should consider that the new component is suitable for your model number. Anywhere where you buy the component, whether it’s online or at the nearest market, consider the model number of your dryer brand to get the actual part.

Use the procedure then we have mentioned before replacing the relay for detaching the control board. Don’t forget to take a picture and install the new board without any hurdles.

Jammed Start Button

Here is another reason the dryer won’t turn off unless door is open with a  jammed start button. If it got stuck in its On position, it must create the issue of turning On the dryer.

A faulty start button transmits the signals for running the cycle, and the unit keeps running; the only thing that stops the spinning is opening the door because an open door disables the power and urges the dryer to stop.

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