Distance Between Microwave And Stove

Distance Between Microwave And Stove. The suitable distance for the countertop microwave from the cooktop is 2 feet at the very least.

The distance aside, the cooktop should have nothing above it because they aren’t designed for over-range use. The countertop shouldn’t be mounted on the cooktop, ever. Other depends on the microwave type.

I wanted to install different types of ovens and styles in the kitchens of my house. So I decided to know the distance between the microwave and the stove should have between them.

The minimum distance to be kept between them was 2 feet, but they varied on the ovens and the models. So, I studied different lengths to be kept between them and made distance articles for your ovens and stoves.

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Distance Between Microwave And StoveMicrowave And Stove

Having the stove and the microwave in the wrong position can be dangerous, and it also ruins the functionality of the oven and the stove. The proper distance between the microwave oven and any simple stove is 2 feet.

A countertop microwave requires less space, so 2 feet is enough for it. An over-the-range microwave should have distance according to the company’s guide.

Then the range of the output limits is to be considered according to the oven. The landing area of the microwave should be suitable for keeping the distance. The size of the microwave affects the distance too.

The larger the microwave, the more the distance of the microwave top be kept. See the size and distance below.

Countertop distance

Countertop microwaves are a bit more in size and they require more distance from the stove. The distance between the stove and them is also related to their size. The heat resistance of countertop microwaves is less than that of other microwaves.

The heat from the stove can damage the countertop microwave. The stoves having heated electric coils or using flames to burn are bad for the microwave. The heat from the coils or the flames can make the material of the microwave melt.

So the distance between the stove and a countertop microwave isn’t something that should be compromised. Distance has different recommendations for different microwave manufacturing companies.

Manufactured microwaves have distance recommendations in their guidelines. Checking the distance between your countertop microwave and the stove is recommended.

The recommendation and general distance between the countertop and the stove are 24 inches. You can call it an ideal distance.

Over-the-range distanceOver-the-range distance

You may be using an Over-the-range microwave rather than a countertop. Thus can be installed on top of the stove or at a safe distance from the stove. The stove’s heat also affects Over-the-range microwaves very much.

The microwaves can get out of order because of external heat. Installing an Over-the-range above the stove makes it easy for a lot of people to use.

If the Over-the-range is installed above the stove, then the distance should be 64 inches at the very least. This is the distance from the floor to the bottom of the Over-the-range microwave.

The distance from the top of the stove to the microwave should be at least 13 inches. Sometimes the distance recommended can be 18 inches, which is safer than that of 13 inches.

The distance varies on the model of the Over-the-range microwave. Some models can withstand more heat because of their heat reliability than tier models, which makes the distance important for less resistant models.

If you have the latest, then a 13-inch distance is very safe for you. But lower models should be 18 inches as recommended by the manufacturer. Check the distance by your device manual. Check the distance online too.

Some tips/recommendations

Some tips to buy and install microwaves are here. The countertop microwave is recommended in tips because the countertop one can be placed everywhere.

You can put the microwave near the cooking area and use it faster. The 2 feet distance from the distance is the minimum you can keep the countertop safer with more distance.

The last word

Selecting the distance between the stove and the given is important. The oven can get damaged if it receives heat from the flames of the stove. Even the heat from the stove’s coil is damaging to the oven.

The minimum safe is 2 feet distance. Having more distance is better for safety but it depends on the oven. Read the safety measures of the oven from the guide.

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