Microwave keeps tripping breaker

Microwave keeps tripping breaker. Breaker tripping occurs when the circuit is overloaded because too many appliances are connected. You need to check the microwave socket and plug for any signs of burn or melted socket.

Several other reasons can cause microwave tripping breakers. These are as follows, faulty door switch, the capacitor is taking excessive electric current, faulty circuit breakers, some electrical short circuit, blowing fuses, and much more.

Microwaves made kitchen life easy. it would not be wrong to say that” microwaves are the best inventions for the home.”

Microwave keeps tripping breakerMicrowave keeps tripping breaker

This is because of an overloaded circuit either your microwave or any other appliance on the same circuit pulling high electric current.

A faulty microwave may be the cause of the problem because it is taking much extra electric current and breakers a finite number of amps exceeded. So the breaker keeps tripping when you turn on the microwave.

If there are too many appliances on the same circuit they can also trigger the breaker trips problem.

How to fix the microwave tripping circuit breaker

Well, first you need to check for the cause of the problem. Once the problem and defects are identified, then the next step is to get rid of them.

A dedicated circuit breakers is the best option if the overloaded circuit causes tripped circuit breaker. Try repairing the technical fault with the electrician.

Experts have listed some methods to check and find out things causing your microwave to the trip-off breaker Box.

Top reasons why the microwave tripping breaker

Based on the user’s queries and experts’ guide, we proposed a list of possible reasons why microwaves tripping breakers?

The Faulty electric supply

Sometimes, the electrical supply gets faulty which results in tripping off the breaker. The best method is to check if the microwave plug terminals have any black spots of burns.

Solution: once the problem is identified, you can replace yourself or contact the electrical appliances, or maintenance person.

A faulty door switchA faulty door switch

If the door switches are faulty? this can also blow fuses and trip breakers. When the user opens or closes the microwave oven’s door, the microwave trips to the breaker in case of a problem with switches.

Solution: you need to identify if the door latch switches are faulty or sometimes not installed correctly.

If you have the required instruments with some knowledge, you can check them yourself, there is the danger of high voltage current. We recommend approaching an appliance repair person.

An overloaded circuit

Sometimes user attaches multi-devices to the same electrical circuit where the microwave is plugged in. This causes circuit breaker overloading and hence microwave will cause a tripped circuit breaker.

Solution: the best solution for the overloaded circuit is to get a dedicated electrical circuit for your microwave oven.

Test Microwave oven if it’s defective

Sometimes microwave oven itself is defective, you can determine if it’s defective or not, by plugging the unit in any other high amperage breaker.

If microwaves still cause tripping the circuit breaker, the problem is with the appliance and you need to either repair or replace it. Else get a dedicated circuit for your microwave oven.

Faulty Electrical parts

Sometimes the electrical connectors parts get faulty, these are a faulty transformer, jammed timer, magnetron latch, and capacitor.

A short circuit is another reason for the problem caused by the faulty diode. Faulty parts also cause tripping of breakers. It is advised to approach an expert to check for possible causes.


Microwave has importance among kitchen appliances. Rough use causes machines to produce errors and some impacts like tripping of breakers and blowing fuse. To avoid circuit breaking and tripping, you need a dedicated circuit.

Warning: if you are not familiar with too many electrical appliances parts. It’s prohibited to touch the internal components of the microwave without prior knowledge. Touching or opening the electrical hardware of the machine may cause high voltage current danger.

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