Craftsman riding mower won’t start

Craftsman riding mower won’t start. Craftsman lawnmowers, you may be saying, are ancient and used in the early days when these were not very common. The lawnmowers may face many defects, which are expected, or some are different from the other lawnmowers.

There the craftsman lawn mower not starting and there are many reasons behind this problem. Some are common, and some are different because these are maybe designed differently.

Craftsman riding mower won’t startriding mower won't start

Many reasons behind the not working or not starting of the lawnmower are very common, and you may not notice them all by its stop.

When your mower stops while working, you may notice its last step, which is the reason behind the stop in work. Some reasons are given here:

1. Bad connections

You must check the wiring connections when your craftsman lawnmower is not starting. The problem is with these connections, and they are maybe damaged. These are the connection that is disturbed and may be due to the seasonal effects.

These wires are maybe loose, and also, another thing is that the connection wire may be damaged. These wires need repairing when the problem is small, but when the problem is significant, you may have to replace the wire and set the other wire in the place of that wire.

2. Fuel pumpFuel pump

The issue with the fuel pump is also a considerable problem; fuel is essential for the mower, and food is essential for the human to work. When human energy ends, and he has no food, it does not work, like when the machine has no fuel.

This also does not work. The furl reaches the engine and allows it to work. The pump is the same essence as the fuel is essential.

When it pumps the fuel, then the fuel reaches the engine, and its tart is working. So check the problem and try to clear it out as this is very easy for you when you find it.

3. Clogged fuel line

The fuel line may be clogged, creating a big issue for your mower. When the fuel line is clogged, the fuel does not pass through it, and when it does not pass, you have to allow it to pass, reach the destination, and start working.

Check what the reason behind the clogged fuel line is. This line may be clogged due to dirty fuel or the dirt which enters when you are mowing the grass, and the dust enters the machine and reaches the fuel line and become the cause of the clog in it.

4. Blades become heavy due to mud

These mowers have the blades on the downside, and from these blades, your grass mow; the problem is maybe with blades that do not allow the machine to start.

When these blades get heavy and do not move further, These blades are very important for the work. When these blades are not working, there is not any profit from these blades.

These are used for the cutting of the grass. Keep in mind that do not allow the mower to work on the wet places because when it works on the wet places.

The tires also get heavy with the mud, and then blades, when complete with the mud, also do not work due to this thing. You must avoid these things if you want the mower to work well.

5. Tank is emptyTank is empty

Another problem with the tank that does not allow the mower to work is that the tank that contains the fuel or maybe the gasoline is empty.

You have to check the fuel level of the mower from time to time, and if you do not want to keep checking, then you have to make the idea of how much time it works with this fuel.

When you have the idea of the time, you have to know that now the fuel is going to end and add more fuel if you don’t want the mower to stop.

Do not remain the tank empty because, as I have discussed above, the fuel is essential for the tank and the mower; when your tank is empty, the mower does not start because this is the machine that completely depends on the fuel.

Check and add the fuel to the tank and then start the machine. Now when you start the machine or the mower, it starts working.


The above reasons do not allow the craftsman lawnmower to start. If you have an idea about these things, you should try solving them. But the important thing is you have the know-how about them.

There are many other reasons, but these are very common and basic, and you can observe them when you notice that your mower is not starting.

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