Bissell Proheat 2x revolution not spraying water on floor

Bissell Proheat 2x revolution not spraying water on floor. No water coming out of the sprayers, there could be several valid reasons for the issue.

It’s a very frustrating situation when you notice your Bissell Proheat is not spraying water. Check for the bladder if it’s empty or the cleaning formula bottle is emptied.

Sometimes the belts get broken so there will be no flow of water. Or try to look for the clogged filter or hoses and sprayers.

Rarely does it happen that the pump loses the prime which can also result in no water coming from the sprayers? Identifying the right reasons helps to fix the issue easily and quickly.

Bissell Proheat 2x revolution not spraying water on floorBissell Proheat 2x revolution not spraying water

6 Most common reasons for not spraying water on floor:

An empty bladder

Check if your bladder is empty, this could be the reason Bissell is not spraying water on the floor.

The surprising moment is when you check the Bissell bladder it is empty. Refill the bladder with hot tap water, and run the machine again for testing. If the problem is resolved that’s great, else explore the next option.

Cleaning formula bottle

The cleaning formula bottle is the container that contains a cleaning solution. If the bottle gets empty, it may create the problem of spraying issue.

Check if the bottle is empty by looking at the external side rather than removing the bottle.

Pump belt broken

A pump belt performs the job of water flows from the bladder to nozzle spray. Check the pump belt for any damage and snap.

Open the door snap with a flathead screwdriver from the upper slot, it will expose the area where the pump belt lies. Check for damage and then fox the belt after that retest your machine.

Pump has no prime

All the pumps need to be primed, and the same thing your Bissell demands. Check if the pump is primed. Sometimes air gets into the pump and it creates the problem of no water spray.

It is the same as your first use of your machine. Turn off the cleaner and wait for the time. Turn on again and retest the machine.

Sprayer and hoses clogged due to Hard water

If you are living in a house with hard water, the problem occurs often. Hard water contains minerals like calcium or lime which may accumulate the hoses and sprayers of the machine.

With regular use of the machine, it can block the hoses and sprayers. Take a lime or calcium remover to get rid of these minerals.

The filter is clogged

The basic purpose of the filter is to stop the hard particles from passing through the spray tubes and the nozzles.

These particles make the filter clogged and there will be no water to spraying nozzles.

Clean the filter and rinse it under water until no particles, this will resolve the issue. Generally, it’s good to clean the filter after every use to keep your machine in working condition.


Bissell Proheat is a handy appliance for every homeowner, it helps a lot in easier cleaning of the house. But sometimes it is really annoying when there is no water spraying out of the sprayer.

Performing regular servicing of the machine keeps it running for longer times.  Always clean the filter after every use to avoid any clogging. Before using the machine determine if the tanks are empty or the cleaning solution bottle is empty.

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