Stop water from coming under door

Stop water from coming under door. Water coming under the door happens for several reasons and can lead to damage. It could be more dangerous if you are living in rain frequent areas, and the rainwater enters in excess amount.

The most common reason could be the door is improperly anchored, sometimes error occurs due to poor fixing. Check if there is space under your door, you need to install a proper threshold.

Some useful solutions enable you to stop water from getting inside the home through the door. Installing a proper threshold helps in preventing water from entering the room.

Stop water from coming under doorunder door water stopper

The best practice to stop from entering the under the door is a threshold, anchor your threshold carefully.

Things needed for threshold:

  • Screws and screwdriver
  • Cordless drill and drill bits
  • Leakage stopper clear patch and rubber
  • Caulk gun and broom

Steps to Install/anchor the threshold

Cleaning the Area: You need to clean the area you want to put the threshold. If there is debris due to rain or water leak, clean the under door area with soap and water. Cleaning the under door area is important because caulk and sealant will not fix the dirty and slippery places.

Drilling the pilot holes: After cleaning the designated area, the next step is about drilling the holes with a drill and choosing the drill bits.

Drill bits selection depends on the type of material, like for wood a standard drill bit is enough. But when dealing with metal or steel, you need titanium or cobalt bit. After choosing the drill bit, drill holes every six inches.

Apply to caulk: Caulking usually involves applying a leak stopper clear patch between the threshold and thing below it. The best thing about the caulking is that it dries clear and no need to worry about the aesthetic beauty of your door area.

Add screws: the next step is about inserting the screws in pre-drilled holes. Use a cordless screw-gun, to easily screw through the threshold and ground or door sill.

Clean excess caulk, apply the final seal. When you insert and tighten the screws, the caulk will seep out from the threshold. Take a paper towel or rag and clean this excess caulk.

Once, you have removed and cleaned the excess caulk the next thing is to apply the final seal. Use a Leak Stopper Rubber Flex Sealant and spray the area.

Rubber Flexx combined with the Leak Stopper Clear patch acts as a liquid rubber and prevents leaks through the threshold.


Water leaks through the threshold are unwanted and create some serious problems, like mold. People living in rain-frequent areas mostly face this problem. We have explained the methods to stop water from coming under the door. Use a proper threshold and prevent water leaks, by maintaining the aesthetic beauty of the door area too.

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