Why is my sengled light unresponsive

Why is my sengled light unresponsive. SENGLED lights are the lights that are usually used in homes. These smart bulbs do not require any hub for their placement. They can work without a hub and are very powerful compared to the others.

In regular bulbs, only one bulb works with one hub, but smart bulbs can work more than one simultaneously through a connection.

If your lights are creating issues and you are searching for the issues that are behind the problem. So, you are in the right place. I will tell you how you must fix it if you want the best working of that lights.

Why is my SENGLED light unresponsiveWhy is my sengled light unresponsive

SENGLED lights are unresponsive due to many reasons. You can use these bulbs for a long time if you are an IT expert. Any other person does not proceed with them.

Because everyone is not an IT expert, and everyone does not know much about them and how they work. These bulbs have almost the same working as Television and Mobile phones.

This article carries much information about the issues of SENGLED lights. These issues are common, and you can easily understand and solve these issues. An explanation of the issue is described here:


Naming issue:

This is a very common issue that these types of bulbs face. They are designed as these works by using technology. If you have one light in one room, so it can easily understand this is the light, but if you have more than multiple lights in the room or the hallway, then you have to name them.

If they are not named, the digital device has any information that which light you want to turn on, and it does not power on any light due to name clash. So, clear the clash by naming the bulbs. When you name them, the conflict of the name ends, and the matter is clear, and the device knows which light you are saying to power on, turning on that light.

But if you do not name them and still work, these lights are unresponsive because they work on the unique name. The same name is the issue, and you do not work if this conflict does not get cleared. This problem is very complicated because they do not turn on if they have the same names.

Change their names according to the given condition necessary to do work. So the unresponsive lights start responding as their conditions are fulfilled, and you named them. Now only the light turns on, which you call. Other lights do not turn on, and the conflict is also eliminated.


The wi-fi connection is not working:

Another big and common issue the lights are facing is the interruption in the Wi-fi connection. If you are in the home, the primary connection that you use for the working is the connection of Wi-fi. There are many reasons behind the not proper working of the Wi-fi, but one of them is the slow internet connection.

If your Wi-fi is not working, your light cannot respond to you because they work on this connection, and if this connection slows down or does not work, then your light also does not work depending on the condition. Make sure when you are using bulbs, there is also not much traffic on the Wi-fi.

Less traffic on the internet means disconnecting all the unnecessary devices which are useless and using the internet. When you disconnect all useless connections, then your Wi-fi starts working well. And your lights also start responding because they are taking a while due to the internet connection.

If there is another issue, refresh the connection by turning off the whole connection and taking the switch out for 15 seconds. When your time ends, plug the switch again and turn on the Wi-fi internet connections. Now your Wi-fi is working well because you fresh this and it starts working well.

Wi-fi connection is compulsory for these lights to work. If you do not have a Wi-fi connection, your lights are not working because they are connected through these signals, and if these signals have issues, so they do not give you a response. Make your connection good, and then they respond to you.


Hub is the cause of the issue:

The hub you are using creates an issue in the working. This is maybe due to the heavy traffic or the other issues. If your hub is not working, you must do all the valuable activities for the Hub to work. Your hub starts working when you refresh it or reset it. Reset the hub by using this procedure. Here is the way to reset your hub according to your work.

  • As your hub is creating an issue, you must have to reset it. Because reset is the solution to many problems, reset the device to eliminate the error if an issue occurs.
  • Disconnect all cables and internet or ethernet cables from it to proceed next. Without disconnecting these cables, you do not go to the next step. Because if you want to go to the next step, you must cut all the connections.
  • In this step, you have to disconnect your hub from all connected devices and turn off the hub for about 20 to 30 seconds. After this, turn the router you have off to do your work. Now turn on both devices after a minute. Once both devices are turned on, then go to the next step.
  • There is a small button on the side of the hub; this is as small as you maybe not easily reach that button. Use anything that helps you reach, such as pins, pens, or pencils, and press the button. Not only press, but you also have to hold on to the button for a time that you think enough to reset your device. Press and hold it until your device’s led light starts blinking. The blinking of this light is in the given criteria; the led light blinks 8 times. This 8-time blinking represents the device getting reset and stopping the force that you apply on the button to hold, so release the button.
  • Leave the hub to take some rest and allow it to reset the device properly. This maybe takes and minute and a half to complete the work of reset and maintenance.
  • Before connection, check whether the internet is working or not. If it is not working, then wait until it starts working. And then make the connection between them.
  • Now download SENGLED Home App on the phone. After downloading, fulfill this app’s requirements: signing up and registering. After this, add all your devices by clicking the three dots option and not only select but also have to name the devices as they indicate themselves.

This is the complete procedure to reset the hub and add everything to work.

Bottom line:

The above are some issues that I have told you about; reading these problems, you come to know why your SENGLED lights are not working or not responding.

If you have information about them, you can easily find the problem and start solving it, but if you don’t know about them, you can be stuck in the problem. I hope so this article is helpful for you. Thank you!

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