Magic mixer not turning on

Magic mixer not turning on. The magic mixer represents from its name that it is a mixer; you may also say that this is a blender. This is used as a kitchen device, and we use it for blending something or mixing purposes.

These are used for many purposes: blending and making juices and other things, including shakes and so many things for lunch and other occasions. This blender or mixer is very expensive; you can not afford it easily and take care of this most from the others.

Sometimes you need blending, but the machine is not turning on. That tells you there is some issue with the blender or the mower that does not allow it to mix the things and not turn on.

Magic mixer not turning onMagic mixer not turning on 2022

Some issues do not allow the machine to mix; if you are searching about this thing, you are at the right place.

There are some reasons and their fixes related to the problem, and you must have information about them all. The whole detail is given below:

1. Mixer is not plugged in

The mixer is not working as it is not plugged in. As you know, this machine works when the electricity is present and working at a good speed. To catch electricity, you have to plug the switch into the outlet.

When you plug the switch, you should check whether the electricity is transferring or not. The mixer does not work until you do not plug it in and not turn the button on.


Make sure that the switch of your mixer is plugged in, and if it is not plugged in, it does not start working. This machine is designed as if it is plugged in the switch and power is on then it starts work otherwise this is not good and not work properly even it not start or turn on.

2. Cup is not placed

The presence of a cup is necessary for the mixer to work if the cup is not placed, the mixer does not start working. This is another very big and common cause of the mixer not turning on: the cup is missing from its place.

Cup is the thing on which the mixer is working. This is the main part of the mixer or the blender. If this is missing, then you do not proceed to your work.


Must place the cup in its place, do not miss this step; when you miss it, your machine does not get started. If you want to turn the machine on and want the best working, you should fulfill all the work requirements.

Placing the cup before starting the machine is also a necessary requirement for the mixer to start working; if this cup is not placed, then the mixer won’t turn start. When you fulfill this requirement, you know that your mixer s working well and does not give any errors.

3. Dirt in the mixer

Dirt is also the main problem you are facing while working, and the dirt is not only the dirt that contains mud. You may be saying that same or a bit different from this dirt.

That dirt is the dirt that you mix or blend something, and you do not clean it carefully, and this thing gets stuck in your mixer and does not allow the machine to work. Because when this dirt is stuck in the mixer, this can enter the blades and not allow the blades to move and start working.


The dirt is not good for the mixer as you mix something in the mixer, and you remain this carelessness and do not pay attention that you have to clean it.

When this mixture gets dry, it can cause a problem in the mixer. You must clean the mixer instantly when you make something in it because if you leave it then you may forget, so clean this thing and do not remain anything that can cause dirt.

4. Motor is overheated

When the mixer’s motor is overheated, it also does not work; this is also a huge thing when your mixer starts working while the motor is overheated. There is a big chance for the mixer to burn because the motor is overheated and does not work well when this happens.

Overheating is a bad thing, and this occurs due to our own mistakes; we do not know the proper use of the mixer, and we overuse it, which causes overheating. You have to avoid this thing, and if you do not, this may harm your mixer and cause failure.


You must be careful so your motor does not get overheated, and check the mixer’s motor from time to time. Otherwise, this is not good for your machine. This may result maybe in the failure of the machine.

Do not use it when you observe that the motor starts heating or it is at the stage where you feel it is overheated. The machine can not work properly until you do not fulfill its requirements, and this is one of these requirements.

5. Broken bearings

If the bearings that the mixer is using are broken, the mixer won’t start. You must take care abt all the parts of the machine and check them from time to time and check it when it is creating an issue in the working.

Bearings may be broken, which is very bad for your machine. Bearing is the pat of the machine that does not allow friction to come in and disturbs your working; these are used for smoothness. When bearings get broken, it creates a big issue for your machine.


You must have to check all parts from time to time, and this thing you especially check when you feel any friction in your mixer because when your bearings are ended, or they are also broken.

There is a very big way for friction to come, and you can also notice this thing very easily. So check this thing and make them right for the good working.

Above are all the causes, and the fixes won’t turn on the problem of the mixer. You must go through this thing and do not avoid it. This is very helpful for you to solve to issue which you are facing. Thank you!

Magic mixer not turning on

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