What to do if Carbon monoxide alarm goes off

What to do if Carbon monoxide alarm goes off. Never ignore any alarm, all alarms must be taken seriously. When the carbon monoxide alarm goes off, you need to do several things to keep your family safe.

Open all doors and windows to let fresh air come in, turn off all appliances and guide every family member to move to an open-air environment.

Several reasons can cause the carbon monoxide alarm to go off, you need to identify the right reason.

Easy six things to do when the carbon monoxide alarm goes off

  • Bring fresh air. Open all doors and windows.
  • The immediate action is to turn off all fuel-burning appliances and leave the house.
  • Don’t switch on the lights, avoid smoking or strike a match to light a candle.
  • Seek medical advice if you are feeling ill.
  • Call the Gas emergency advice line.
  • Service your Appliances.

What to do if Carbon monoxide alarm goes off

When the carbon Monoxide alarm occurs, follow the step below to protect your family and keep your home safe.

Allow fresh air/ open all doors and windows

When the alarm goes off, the first task you need to do is, open all doors and windows. This will bring fresh air in and the toxic and dangerous gases will be cleared.

Turn off fuel-burning devices and evacuate the house

After ventilating the house, the immediate task is to turn off all fuel-burning appliances like boilers and fire. Leave the house and remain outside, regardless of what you feel (ill or healthy).

Evacuating the house is mandatory for the safety of the family and your safety. Call the emergency advice line and stay outside until everything gets normal.

Avoid switching on lights/ strike a match

Once the alarm goes off, avoid switching on the lights and striking a match. Check if you have any gas appliances in the house, don’t smoke or strike a match to light a candle.

Call emergency advice line/ seek medical advice

If you know the reason for the alarm, and it is due to gas immediately call the Gas Emergency service for further help.

You are not feeling well and have any doubt about carbon monoxide poisoning, call your doctor for advice.

Service all appliances

If you have not serviced your appliances for a long time? devices will start producing an excess amount of carbon monoxide gas. Call professionals to service the boiler heater and stove.


The alarm can be occurred due to several reasons, even sometimes there are false alarms too. Every alarm should be taken seriously, never ignore any alarm. When there is a confirmed gas alarm, open the door and windows, don’t turn on appliances, and evacuate the house for your family’s safety.

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