First alert smoke alarm beeping

First alert smoke alarm beeping. First alert smoke alarm beeps because for various reasons, most common is low batteries, when there is smoke or fire.

These beeps or chirps have a specific alert for the panel to inform the user about the reason. There are different codes or beep counts that indicate the reason for the alarm beeping.

These are as follows five beeps a minute to show the end of life of the detector, four beeps for an emergency, and one beep every minute for a battery.

  • 5-beeps for end of life of the smoke detector
  • 4-beeps for emergency or actual reason
  • 1-beep for battery replacement
  • 3-beeps every minute shows detector has malfunctioned

First alert smoke alarm beeping

End of life 5-beeps per minute

End-of-life could be one of the reasons/issues, that the smoke detector is beeping or chirping, the alarm device alerts you by five beeps a minute.

The best solution is to replace the alarm device with a new one even if the battery life is still good.

Malfunctioning 3-beeps/ chirps per minute

Some time alarm beeps are due to malfunctioning, it can be checked by counting the beeps per minute.

If the device is giving three beeps per minute, it means the smoke detector is faulty and should be replaced.

If the device is expired means a warranty is expired, replace it with a new one if the warranty is still valid make a call to the seller.

Beeps due to battery

When it comes to battery, there might be several reasons that cause the battery issue. For example, the terminal is obstructed, low battery and the battery drawer is not closed.

Low battery: as the battery of the smoke detector gets weaker over time, it starts to generate a beep every minute to alert you about battery replacement.

To replace the alarm battery

  • Remove alarm from wall or ceiling and open its cover.
  • Take out the battery and press the test button for around 30 seconds.
  • The test button resets the alarm and removes any charge.
  • Now add new batter and close.
  • Again, press the test button, it will help you to identify that the alarm unit is functioning properly.

The battery tab is not closed: alarm unit also indicates an alert when the battery pull tab is not closed properly.

The battery terminal obstructed: battery may also not work properly if the battery terminal is obstructed. it will also trigger a beep per minute.


First alert smoke alarm beeping. There might be several reasons that cause smoke alarms to beep, one of the most common is the battery issue. Besides this alarm devices can also beep due to malfunctioning or end of life. And there could be an actual alarm. We have discussed some of the most common reasons and their solution as well. Keep yourself educated about smoke detector alarms to keep you and your family safe.

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