Torpedo heater keeps shutting off

Torpedo heater keeps shutting off. Torpedo heaters are efficient for producing heat, especially on sites that are tough to heat. But how is it possible that an appliance won’t generate an issue?

Well, if your heater keeps shutting off, then don’t worry. It’s not uncommon. Problems are part of life, but the plus point is each issue has a solution if you have proper instructions.

Different reasons can lead to the torpedo heater shutting off the issue; however, if you are looking for authentic ways to inspect and fix the issue, follow the following article’s guidelines. So, here we go.

A Guide For Torpedo heater keeps shutting off

In the following article, you will know the reasons that trigger your torpedo heater to turn off automatically. You can fix the issue once you hunt the root cause.

So, when you suspect a continuous shutting-off issue of the torpedo heater, you need to inspect a few components to eliminate the problem.

If the heater shuts down, there might be an inaccurate pump pressure, unfavorable fuel, or a fuel filter. You may also need to check faulty control boards, uncleaned air intake, and inaccurate installation of photocell assembly.

There are also other reasons that we will share later in the article. So stay with us for helpful information to sort out the shutting-off issue of the Torpedo heater.

Fixing Methods For Torpedo Heater Shut-Off Issue

Here are the things you need to inspect without any distractions to get mind-blowing results in the shape of sound and the adequate performance of your heater.

Check The Pump Pressure

If your Torpedo heater turns off, it might be due to less air pressure or the incorrect pump pressure. In the following situation, the heater lightens up for some time, and then the PCB assembly flicks it off.Check The Pump Pressure

Coping with the following issue is not complicated by setting up the pressure pump. So firstly, you need to make certain that your heater is running on its max settings.

To maximize the pump pressure, you are required a flat-blade screwdriver. At the start, turns high your BTU Control switch. Now you need to unplug the pressure gauge plugged in the end filter cover. And replace the pressure gauge compatible with the device.

To maximize the pressure, move the pump pressure to the right or clockwise; to minimize the pressure move the pump to the left or counterclockwise using a screwdriver.

Clean The Fuel Filter

If the fuel filter is not clean and has accumulated debris, it can block the fuel line. Another negative point of the dirty fuel filter is it can wear out the power cords.

As a result, if your heater won’t gain the fuel or has a damaged power cord, it will keep shutting off and deny working efficiently.

So, to tackle the issue, we suggest inspecting the fuel filter after 2 or 3 winterizes. Cleaning or replacing would be better based on the visual condition.

To inspect the fuel filter, you must ensure that your heater has no power. Then unfasten the cover using a Philips screwdriver.

Unfasten the clamp and detach the filter line from the filter. Take off the fuel filter. If it is dirty, remove all the debris and dust from it. It would be better to rinse with clean water.

If it requires replacement, install a new fuel filter compatible with your heater model. Attach the filter, its fuel line tightens clamps, and secure its side cover.

Clean Air or Lint Filter

The torpedo heater leads to a continuous shutting down issue if the air filter gets clogged. A clogged air filter stops the air circulation inside your heater.

Consequently, the heat bounds and can’t spread in the area, so when the heat inside the heater won’t release and rises the heater temperature, as a protection, the heater turns off to avoid any harm.

However, the exact issue will expose after inspecting the filter. If clogging is the root cause, you can fix the issue by doing filter cleaning or replacing it.

Air output, air intake, or lint filters require access to fix the issue. Use a Philips screwdriver to access these filters. You can use lukewarm soapy water. If you find a wear or tear filter, replace it.

Improper Installation of Photocell Assembly

If your Torpedo heater is not showing a flame, then your inaccurate installation of the photocell assembly might be the culprit. Don’t worry. Adjusting the assembly requires authentic guidelines to fix the issue.

So, to figure out the issue, you need to locate the photocell assembly by unfolding the Torpedo heater. Unfasten the switch cords of the power switch.

You should also need to unfasten the cords of the photocell and the circuit board. Fit the photocell in the brackets and attach the cord back.

Insecure Power Connection

You may blame an insecure connection in the middle of the photocell and the main PCB for shutting down the issue of your Torpedo heater. An insecure connection usually appears due to a problematic wire.

However, you can eliminate the issue by examining the wire. If there is rust or corrosion or you find cracks on the cable, you need to replace it.

Clean Photocell LensClean Photocell Lens

The photocell lens detects the heater ignites a flame in the combustion chamber. If it detects a turn-off of the flame, it enables the heater to turn off by breaking down the power.

The photocell lens can catch dirt and may start malfunctioning, which causes the shutting-off issue. You can eliminate the issue by cleaning the photocell lens using a damp cotton bud or swab.

Insufficient Or Inappropriate Fuel

First, you need to ensure that the fuel tank of your heater is not running out of fuel. Secondly, it would be better to use better quality fuel. Low-quality fuel is not appropriate for the engine and can damage it too. So don’t find a way to save money by spending on low-quality fuel.

Problematic Control Board

If your Torpedo heater is not staying On and turns off, then there might be a problematic control board. Today’s advanced appliances usually own control boards, but Torpedo heater also has a control board.

It allows the heater to perform efficiently. On the other hand, the heater won’t work if it gets faulty. So it would be best if you inspected whether its requires repair or replacement. You can purchase the item from the manufacturer.


In this article, we tried to cover all the possible reasons and solutions for the Torpedo heater shutting down the issue. You can tackle most of the components without calling an expert. But if the issue persists, you may call a pro or need a new heater.

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