Hatco Booster Heater Troubleshooting

Hatco Booster Heater Troubleshooting. The element of the Hatco booster may have been burned out. A blown fuse causes Hatco booster heater problems.

Inoperable temperature is a common heater problem. The contractor may not be pulling. The high-limit switch can be printed. Blown fuses have issues with the Hatco booster heater too.

My Hatco booster heater was showing systematic issues. I tried to turn the Hatco heat up, but the machine actually misbehaved. I was worried. My Hatco had never shown problems before. I took my Hatco to a shop.

The technician was friendly. He fixed my Hatco booster heater and showed me methods to fix Hatco booster heater problems in the future. I noted them.

Read to learn!.

Hatco Booster Heater TroubleshootingHatco Booster Heater Troubleshooting 2022

The dry firing of the Hatco booster can burn the elements pretty quickly. The quick-burning of elements is a dire problem. Tripped circuit breakers won’t let Hatco function.

The same goes for blown fuses. The current fuses can be blown too. The temperature has exceeded to an inoperable level. The temperature can be out of calibration. The contractor of the Hatco booster heater isn’t working and can’t pull.

The high limit switch of the heater has tripped. Defects appeared in the High limit switch. Transformers aren’t converting the voltage to the required level.

The contacts aren’t closing while the low water cutoff has become inoperable. The wires inside the heart have burned out. The power surge fried the Hatco booster heater. Gauges have stopped working correctly.

Improper water heating

Water heating is the primary purpose of the Hatco booster heater. Hatco may be improperly heating the water. The booster heater can get dry-fired. The dry firing isn’t a problem until the heating element burns faster. The tripped breakers of Hatco have developed improper water heating.

If you have fuses, they are probably melted. Inoperable temperature happens when the temperature becomes too much that the machine can’t handle. It’s out of calibration, in simple words.

The contractors are for pulling, but if they stop, then the water won’t get heated properly. Low water cut-off may not be operable anymore. The contacts of the Hatco booster heaters are stuck and won’t close.

Transformers are supposed to supply full voltage, but they don’t anymore. High-limit switch faces problems. The high-limit switch can trip with the excessive flow.


If the heating element is burning faster, then backfiring needs to be dealt with. Change blown fuses while circuits can be untripped. Current fuses that melt need changing. If the water heater’s temperature is inoperable, let the Hatco heater cool down. Contractors need to pull, so check their problem and make sure they pull. The high defective switch can be changed.

If transformers aren’t connecting the proper voltage, then transformers are replaced. Transformers should be replaced by a professional. If contacts aren’t closing, try closing them manually. Check what’s causing contact sticking. The heating element, when burned, can be replaced easily. Let temperature reach Hatco standard temperature after fixing.

Wrong temperature

The temperature of Hatco can be set, but sometimes the temperature isn’t right, and the heating becomes improper. The user himself can cause improper temperature in the Hatco booster heater. The user may have inserted an inoperable temperature or a temperature that doesn’t warm the water.

The temperature may be improper because of the gauges that are not working. A thermostat in the Hatco booster heater is necessary. A thermostat that is set too low produces an incompetent temperature.

A faulty thermostat does the same. The water pipe of the Hatco booster heater should have a certain length. The Hatco booster heater water pipe shouldn’t be longer than 5 feet. If the length is longer, the temperature won’t feel right, not because the heating is improper, but because the water will cool down while it is passing through the pipes. Thus cold water will reach the dishwasher.


If the user inaccurately sets the temperature of the Hatco booster heater, then change the heating settings. If the Gauges show improper working, fix them. Check if the thermostat is set too low, and set the temperature. Cange the Hatco thermostat if it’s faulty. Like before, the Hatco booster heater pipe length should be a maximum of 5 feet. If the length is above 5 feet, then change the pipe or cut the old pipe. The water won’t cool when the pipe is of the right length.

The last word

The Hatco booster heater warms the water and takes it to the dishwasher. The booster heater faces problems with time and conditions. The pressure-reducing valve should be installed. The thermostat may be set too low or high.

The probes of the Hatco booster heater can be dirty. Troubleshooting the Hatco booster heater brings out all problems and we can solve them. A technician fixes the Hatco booster heater better, so get help.

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