Hayward pool heater if code

Hayward pool heater if code. If your Hayward pool heater displays an IF or 1F code, it indicates an issue of “Ignition Failure” in your pool heater. Different problematic components trigger the code to appear on display.

Well, showing code helps you to determine a specific issue and helps you to take steps to the relevant issue immediately. Well, don’t worry.

In the following article, we will help you to assist with the different components that can create the issue of ignition failure. Follow the guideline for accurate inspection of the components.

A Guide For Eliminating Hayward Pool Heater IF Code

Some people refer to the IF with 1F, but here we want to clarify the confusion that IF and 1F code on Hayward pool heaters signifies the same issues. So, you can act upon the same troubleshooting procedures for IF and 1F.

Usually, the code appears due to some problematic component in the heater system that will arises the issue of ignition failure and pop up the IF code on display.A Guide For Eliminating Hayward Pool Heater IF Code

If you don’t know which things you need to proceed to get rid of the IF or 1F code from the Hayward pool heater, then we will explain all the reasons and fixing methods thoroughly.

Fixing Methods, You Need To Follow

Follow the steps accurately to eliminate the issue of ignition failure. We are sure that considering each guide will help you to end up in IF code removal from the heater display.

Power Cycle Your Heater

Before starting anything, we suggest power cycle your heater. The code could arise due to a glitch and can be eliminated by recycling.

So, if the ignition is not lightening up after attempting 2 or 3 times, you need to flick off the heater from the circuit breaker and then flick it On.

Unfasten the lid or cover of the digital control board and set the standby mode. Push the UP & DOWN buttons. Push and hold at the same time. You may see the code blinks.

Push the UP and DOWN buttons again to reset the pool temperature at the wished level. Flick on the heater and see whether the code is eliminated or not.

Insufficient Gas Pressure

The heater works if it receives enough gas pressure to fulfill its requirement. But if there is not enough gas pressure, the heater will be unable to lighten the ignition flame properly and will trigger the code to appear.

You can fix the issue by inspecting any accumulated dust or clogged gas orifice, burner system, center nozzle, and gas line. You should also confirm that you are not running out of fuel.

Examine these components; if you find any blockage or clogging material, clean it to fix the gas pressure issue. If everything is okay, continue proceeding with the further steps of the article.

Problematic Valves

Your Hayward pool valves experience the ignition failure issue if your heater has problematic valves. You might have turned off the valve, or the valves might have been jammed, causing ignition failure.

To resolve the issue, you must inspect the water flow by inspecting the Hayward heater’s multiport. You can access it nearer to the pump and filter.

Make sure the multiport and gas valves are not closed. Examine the gas valve wiring is safe and sound, and there are no signs of wear or tear.

You may also need to check the volts of the gas valve. If the valve is closed, but the readings of the volt are 24, then it’s essential to install a new valve.

Clean Water Filter

Hayward heater displays the IF or 1F code if the water filter of the heater catch debris and gets clogged, which leads to the issue of ignition failure.Clean Water Filter

A clogged water filter also reduces the gas pressure inside the heater. And when the heater suspects the gas pressure is lower than the requirement, it turns off the system.

To eliminate the issue, you need to ensure that your pool heater’s water filter is clean. So locate the water filter of your heater and take off its cover.

Remove the filter and start its cleaning procedure. Ensure that there is no debris left on the filter. Install it in its place and ensure it fits it, then attaches the other disconnected parts.

Problematic Heater Transformer

The heater transformer plays a crucial role in making the heater performance ideal by monitoring the transmitted power appropriately to your Hayward pool heater.

But a defective heater transformer disturbs the ignition setup and arises the code to appear on display. So, to figure out a faulty transformer, you may use a voltmeter and join it to the terminals of the heater transformer.

A sound heater transformer will give a reading between 20 to 28 volts. Inspect the outcome of your heater transformer and replace it in case of any fault.

Faulty Ignitor

Another issue that may create the ignition failure might be the faulty ignitor. The code will appear if the ignitor has a loose connection with the control module.

So to remove the IF or 1F code from your pool heater, you must inspect that the ignitor system has a secure wired connection. It would be best if you also examined the condition of the wirings of the ignition.

So, ensure that your device has no power. Then you locate the faulty ignitor. It would be better to inspect the wires and the connections to eliminate the issue. Installing a new wiring or ignitor in place of the faulty one will help to sort out the problem.

Inspect the Flame Sensor

If the issue is not eliminated, you need to inspect the flame sensor. The flame sensor is responsible for checking the flame is lightened up in the presence of unfolded gas valve.

Due to power fluctuation, the sensor may get burnt, or the flame sensor might get wear or tear and trigger the IF code to appear, signifying the ignition issue.

To inspect the flame sensor, you need to disconnect the heater’s power source. It’s essential to separate the forefront panel of the heater to access the sensor.

The flame sensor is usually designed in a shape of a rod. So you can access it easily without any confusion. Moreover, disconnect the sensor wires and screws. Stare on the sensor and see if it has any burning marks. Replace it in case of a faulty sensor.

Inaccurate Thermostat Settings

A thermostat is designed to monitor the pool’s temperature. When the thermostat reduces the heating level lower than the pool’s temperature, the pool heater’s burner will deny lighting up.

You can fix the issue by maximizing the thermostat temperature settings than the pool temperature. If the ignitor shows no reaction, it indicates a problematic thermostat. Install a new thermostat to fix the issue.

Final Thoughts

In the following article, you will be able to identify the IF or 1F code on your Hayward pool heater. You will be able to inspect the components that can create the ignition failure issue and trigger the IF code.

Replace the faulty component with a new one but ensure you are spending on the right one. If you find the job hard, don’t feel bad about contacting a pro.

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