Thompson water seal does not dry

Thompson water seal does not dry. Thompson water seal is an effective product for weather protection. Water sealant can be used for bricks, concrete, and other surfaces to avoid bad weather conditions.

There could be several reasons, like moisture in the air, or sealant in excess amount.

Drying time also affects, at least 24 hours are needed to dry. Applying a double coating layer also makes the sealant not get dry. Too much water seal on the surface results in a lake of dryness.

Thompson water seal does not dryThompson water seal

There are some common reasons the water sealant doesn’t dry. If you have applied sealant in the excess amount it will take longer than usual to dry.

Sometimes surface has a pre-coat of sealant and the new sealant takes much time to dry. Applying sealant on a wet surface also affects the drying factor. Rain and humidity may also cause late drying of sealant

Not enough Drying Time ( at least 24 hours)

Before exploring other reasons, let’s first discuss the most vital factor, that’s the drying time. If you do not provide enough time to dry your water sealant, you may get unwanted results.

The minimum time for water sealant to dry is 24 hours, and even it may go longer sometimes. The drying time depends on different situations and circumstances.

It often happens, the new users do not know the drying time of Thompson’s water sealant. Or even maybe you skipped the instructions manual.

By readings Thompson’s water sealant instructions manual, you will be familiar with each and everything about water sealant usage.

Moisture in Air

After noticing the standard time for drying is over and the sealant is still sticky, the reason may be moisture in the air. If you are living in an area with diverse weather conditions, like rain then you may face the problem.

Check the level of moisture. If you apply water sealant on wet wood or during humidity, it will not easily dry and can take more than one day.

Well, with conditions like high moisture levels in the air or most humidity wait for two to three days for the sealant to dry, and don’t panic.


Another possible reason is if you have applied water sealant over an already sealed layer. Most surfaces don’t accept a second coat or double coatings, and you will feel the sealant is sticky or tacky.

Before applying water sealant make sure that the surface is not sealed before. Or if you have applied sealant over an already sealed place, wash the surface to remove the sealant’s second coat.

Sealant is used in excess amount

Note sealant is a chemical that acts as an ultra-thin layer to repel water or moisture. The problem occurs when you put sealant in an excess amount, which will result in the sealant not drying.

Applying a puddle of sealant has a lake of dryness. Check the area for the excess sealant and wipe out the extra sealant.


Thompson water sealant is one of the best products to stop water from invading your house. But it can create some annoying situations when not properly applied or if not getting dry. Excess amount of sealant, or reapplying the double coat is hard to dry. Before applying sealant read the instructions of the manufacturer carefully.

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