Samsung ice maker not working but water does

Samsung ice maker not working but water does. The Samsung ice maker is an electrical appliance that makes ice in hot summer weather. Samsung brands work well for a long time, but if you do not take care of them, like do not clean the debris from its various parts, it starts to create different issues.

If your Samsung ice maker is not working, but water does, then the first thing to check is whether the ice maker is on or not because sometimes you turn off the ice maker and forget to switch it on the ice maker, so the first thing to confirm is the ice maker is powered on.

If the ice maker is on and not making the ice switch, it is off for five minutes. After five minutes, plug in the unit and press the power button and check after half an hour whether the ice maker is making the ice or not.

If restarting the unit does not work, keep reading the article to know more causes of the issue and how you can troubleshoot it.

Samsung ice maker not working but water does
Samsung ice maker not working

If your Samsung ice maker is not making the ice when you put some water into a pot and place it into the unit, then you might be thinking of calling a skillful expert to check your ice maker.

But before that, read the following points because I am describing the various causes and solutions to fix this problem.

The ice maker switched off

If your Samsung ice maker is not making ice, check whether the appliance is turned on or off. On some occasions, it happens that someone in the house turned off the unit due to any reason, and you don’t know this.

So, whenever you inspect that the water in the pots placed inside the ice maker is not converted into ice, check whether the unit is on or off. You also need to confirm the Samsung ice maker is correctly plugged into the wall socket because if the power cord is loose, the current will not pass through the wire.

Faulty water filterFaulty water filter

In some Samsung models, water is filled in the ice maker with the help of a water filter. If this water filter becomes faulty and stops working, the ice maker stops making the ice because there is no access to water it.

Those areas in which sediments are found in the normal water have a lot of issues with their electrical appliances because these sediments gather in the different parts and make it difficult to flow the water.

Therefore if you use regular water instead of filer water in the ice maker, minerals are gathered in the water filter, and water does not flow. So, it is better to change the ice maker water filter after five to six month so that water easily flow from the water filter.

If you are skillful, you can change the water filter ice maker, but if you don’t have proper skills, it’s good to call the service center and hire an expert to change the faulty air filter in the Samsung ice maker.

Inspect the water line

In most Samsung ice maker models, the water line and water supply valve are fixed at the back of the unit because the front side is used to open the appliance door.

Check both these parts because if their water leaks in the water line, there will be less water reaches to the ice maker to make the ice.

In the same way, if the water supply is shut off, water will stop flowing into the water line to the water tank and the ice maker. So if you see the ice maker is not making enough ice, the water supply valve is shut off or not.

If it is switched off, it changes its position to make the water flow to the tank so that the ice maker begins to make ice.

Low water pressure

If you see the broken ice cube making in the ice maker and not enough ice making in the unit, one reason may be the low water pressure in the ice maker.

The ice maker needs a minimum of 20 psi to make the ice. You can check the water pressure on the water pressure gauge. If the water pressure is less than 20 psi, increase the water pressure so the ice maker starts to make the ice properly.

The final word

The final words of this article are that if you are facing a problem that your Samsung ice maker not working check the water filter is faulty or it is full of sediments, then change it with a new one.

You also need to check the leaking water line and water inlet valve for the total water flow to the water tank. The ice maker will make broken ice cubes if there is less water pressure.

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