kitchenaid undercounter ice maker troubleshooting

kitchenaid undercounter ice maker troubleshooting. The KitchenAid undercounted ice maker is used to making ice on the large freezes water and converts water into ice. it makes a large amount of ice rather than a refrigerator.

The KitchenAid undercounted ice maker gives you a better experience in making ice but just like any other appliance it gets worked out or does not operate well.

I know this makes you frustrated in this situation but you don’t need to worry about it. There might be several reasons behind it.

In this article, we will discuss the major reform of the kitchen aid undercounted ice maker problem and also see some ton is how to troubleshoot kitchen aid undercounted ice maker.

kitchenaid undercounter ice maker troubleshootingkitchenaid undercounter ice maker

If your KitchenAid undercounted ice maker does not perform its function. Then firstly, you should need to determine the problem behind it. Once, the problem is labeled then it is easy to troubleshoot the kitchen aid undercounted ice maker problem.

KitchenAid ice maker common problem

Commonly, the problem is caused due to your own mistake or mishandling of your appliances. So first of all make sure that you operate your machine well.

  • Check power outlet: If your appliances are out of work then you should check the power outlet. Mostly, a three-phase power outlet is used in the KitchenAid ice ensure the power in the power outlet you can check the power in the power outlet by using the device name as a tester.
  • Check the control: you can also check the control because sometimes you accidentally switch it off.
  • Room temperature: Room temperature also plays an important role in the KitchenAid ice maker. Checked the room temperature if it is higher than 55 degrees Fahrenheit then it will be ok but if it is less than 55 degrees Fahrenheit then your thermostat leaves to work or does not perform its function.
  • Blockage in drain line: sometimes drain lines of KitchenAid ice maker get blocked by something and due to blockage of the drain line will block the water flow and that blocks water coming out from the KitchenAid ice maker.

KitchenAid ice maker gets worked but does not make a block of ice

In some situations, the KitchenAid ice maker gets worked but it failed in making ice. Now let’s see the reason behind these phenomena and how to troubleshoot them.

  1. First of all make sure your KitchenAid ice maker is switched on because it is a common reason behind KitchenAid ice maker failure in making ice.
  2. Blockage in the drain line is another reason noticed behind KitchenAid ice maker does not make a block of ice. In this problem checked thoroughly the drain line. If the drain line gets any damaged then change it to your priority.
  3. You should need to check the ice bin regularly. Mostly KitchenAid ice maker needs 8 to 10 hour to make ice and your ice maker automatically stop working when the bin gets filled with ice and again restart for the next ice batch.
  4. Sometimes water gets frozen in the ice maker tube and it does not allow water to flow in the tubes. In this situation, you should need to switch off the ice maker to melt the ice in water tubes. Roundabout 8 hours are estimated to be required for this process.
  5. Water drained is another reason noticed behind the KitchenAid ice maker’s failure in making ice because sometimes water drained out from the ice maker and due to water draining ice maker failed to produce a block of ice. To troubleshoot this check the drain cap of your ice maker it should be tightened to produce ice.
  6. Poor connection of water supply is another reason behind ice maker fail in their working. Ensure that there is a right connection of water supply to your KitchenAid ice maker.

Wind up thoughts

As we discussed earlier KitchenAid underground ice maker is used to make ice on a large scale. Beyond the word, the  KitchenAid ice maker is the best appliance it gets out of work for some common reason. In this article, I will describe all the major problems of KitchenAid’s underground ice maker.

This article proves to help detect the mainstream problem behind KitchenAid ice makers do not make a block of ice. Some there is not a big fault occurred as we consider it. So before going to call a professional to fix its problem first try to examine the problem by yourself and try to troubleshoot it at home.

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