Running Ethernet Cable Through House

Running Ethernet Cable Through House. You can run the Ethernet cables through holes by drilling or air ducts present already. Using cat6 as the type to run through ducts is a good choice. cat6 is specially designed and ensures a good connection. You can use fiber optics or other cables as well.

Moving to a house without an internet connection wasn’t a good idea, but the house was pleasant so I decided to install the ethernet cable by myself.

I have previous ethernet cable installation experience, so the task wasn’t hard. I know ethernet cable installation is still unknown to many internet lovers.

So keep reading!.

Running Ethernet Cable Through HouseEthernet Cable Through House

Installing the internet requires cables. The internet cable is referred to as ethernet cable. The ethernet cable comes in different types.

Ethernet cable can be in fiber optics or the most common cat6. cat6 is common because of its speed and durability.

You can get cat6 at the internet store easily. Installing cat6 requires proper planning so the internet connection is secured and undisturbed.

We have already decided on cat6 but fiber optics and even coaxial cable are good choices. Just pick one. Now installing cat6 begins. Start by planning from the cable that needs to pass and which room will hold the DSL or any other connection.

Look for the position of the wire that you check easily. You can access the DSL if the internet isn’t working. Make a place on the wall for the ethernet board. install the DSL and you are ready.

If you arent installing a DSL and using ethernet for something else, then change the last step to something that is easily acceptable.

Hatching an idea

You need to have an idea of where to start and what steps to take. The connection points should be known and the places from where the cables are carried should be started. Let’s start by setting an imaginary plan.

If you are planning to set up a gaming room in the future, then keep that in mind. The access points to the cable and for the cable should be available all the time.

Setting the cables to a single location will allow you to access them all at once, but having separate areas for cables helps you deal with the individual problem of each connection.

Now think of the place the router should be placed and the switches. Think where the cables can be placed and moved from. The crawl space and attic are great places for starting the connection.

Now how many and where the ports should be installed in each room? Two is recommended as it’s not expensive, but installing later will be a burden. Though for the access point, a single socket is enough. Running through air ducts, cat6 is recommended.

Equipment and requirements

Gathering the equipment comes next so let’s check the ethernet requirements.

  • Cable(required length)
  • Measuring tape
  • Screwdriver
  • Wire cutter
  • Drill machine
  • Plier
  • Hammer
  • Screws
  • Nails
  • Ports
  • Router
  • Switches

Installing the cablesInstalling the cables

Now, as you have made a plan and gathered the equipment to install the ethernet cable. Star by measuring wire length and area. The wire length should be equal to the wall area.

Extra wire will only be in the way. After measuring both, cut the wires. Use a wire cutter to cut it. Now take the points of the wires by removing the rubber from above.

Start from the area and then move the wires through the ducts. The wires are flexible but don’t use too much force, especially when using fiber optics.

Fiber optics have glass threads that can break. If you don’t see ducts. You can drill holes to pass the cables through them to the other rooms.

Installing router/ports

Installing wires required a lot of hard work and cutting again and again. You had to measure wire lengths multiple times. Noe that the cables are installed and brought to the room where you want, install the ethernet ports.

Cut holes in the wall and make a box-like structure enough the size of ethernet ports. Now attach the cables to the port and place the port in its place. Screw with a cover and the port is fixed.

Installing ports required more work, but installing the router is simple. Just out the router where you want. you can hang it on the wall if you have a hanger.

You can also put it at some pace high. Then attach the ethernet cable to the router and a router charger that gives power to the router.

The last word

The Internet has become a necessity and using the internet is a daily thing. The installation of the internet requires an ethernet cable. You need a plan and then just implement it and you are good to use ethernet ports.

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