Roomba not moving

Roomba not moving. Cleanliness is an essential part of daily routine. Still, with advancements in technology now a day, new smart home devices make life easier and more comfortable because we can clean our floor with Roomba devices.

Roomba is a device that cleans the floor and sucks all dust and debris from the floor and even from the back of the sofa and furniture.

As with other devices, some Roomba robot device also starts to malfunction like it does not turn on, or if it is turned on, it is not moving forward.

If you are also facing an issue that your Roomba robot is not moving, you first need to check whether it is correctly cleaned before pressing its power button.

Because the dust bag is complete and you did not clear the dust of previous cleanliness, the robot will not move forward because there is no additional space in it for more debris, so clean the dust bag properly.

Roomba not movingRoomba not moving 2022

Roomba robot is the latest device to clean the house in no time without losing energy, but it’s essential to take a lot of care while using it.

Many users complain that their Roomba device is not moving forward, so I am writing this article to explain the various cause of this issue because I have been using this device for a while, and I know how to troubleshoot it.

Clean the robot completely

The first and foremost reason beyond Roomba won’t move is that your device is dirty. It is essential to clear the dust bag when you complete the cleaning session with the robot device.

A small bag is installed in the device to collect the dust and clutter; when it becomes full, the device stops moving on the floor because there is no other space in the bag.

With time, the Roomba device gets dirt from sucking the debris. So if you use the device daily to clean the house floor, clean the device entirely from the inner side because the dust gathers on the sensors. It does not work correctly and sometimes even stops to move forward.

Low batteryLow battery

If your device is not moving forward, check the power battery because some devices do not move forward until they are not charged fully.

So check if the battery is full or it is dead. Sometimes, you charge your robot battery, and it does not show a green signal.

It means there is an issue with the battery so check your battery with some expert because if it is dead, then you need to replace the Roomba robot battery to move it.

Grimy side brush

If your vacuum device is not moving forward, check its side brush because if some material like wire or something else sticks with the side brush, it can not move forward. So, remove anything if it sticks with the side brush of the Roomba robot.

The Roomba wheel is stuckThe Roomba wheel is stuck

The front wheel of the Roomba device faces the dust and clutter before the side brush, so if the dust or something else is stuck with the front wheels, it can not move forward.

So, when you check that the device is stopped at one place and does not move forward, please turn off the device and check its wheel.

If something is stuck with the front or back wheel, remove it and press the power button. Indeed if this were the issue, the device would move forward now.

Contact service center

If the device is not moving forward after checking the above points, it’s better to contact the service center to take the services of a skillful expert to check the device deeply.

The final word

The final words of this article are that if your Roomba device is not moving, check its batteries because sometimes you forget to charge the device battery.

If the battery is complete but still is not moving, clean the device entirely because sometimes debris or any wire is stuck with the front wheels or side brush that stops the device from moving forward. So check these parts to remove anything stuck these parts.

If still, you do not find any solution, your last option is to take the services of a certified expert to repair the Roomba robot device.

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