Water dispenser in fridge stopped working

Water dispenser in fridge stopped working. The water dispenser is one of the best components of your fridge. The water dispenser of the fridge is convenient to use, it provides pure and filtered water.

But, the situation is worst when the water dispenser stops working, and you feel like all the convenience is taken away.

The water dispenser’s performance depends on various factors such as the dispenser switch, the water pressure of your house, the temperature of the freezer, and many others.

There are certain parts of the dispenser in the fridge you should explore to get rid of the dispenser issue. Sometimes the water dispenser itself is faulty and you seek a professional expert for assistance.

Water dispenser in fridge stopped workingWater dispenser in fridge

The water dispenser may stop due to a frozen water supply tube or because of the filter. There can be a problem with water pressure and the inlet valve. Sometimes dispenser switch or control board is faulty, and the dispenser stops working. It’s important to identify the reason first for the problem, and then possible solutions are applied.

The common issue of water dispenser and their solution

Water pressure too low

The water dispenser in the fridge may stop working if the water pressure in your home is too low as compared to the required temperature.

If the waterline of your house got some buildup, some things or poor plumbing can cause the low water flow. The low water pressure or slow water flow of your house water system can stop the water dispenser.

Solution: if the water pressure is low or pipes are clogged, you can perform unclogging procedure or contact your plumber to fix the issue

The water tube is frozen

If the water supply tube of the door is frozen, the dispenser may stop working. Various temperature conditions of your freezer may affect the water tube, and water gets frozen.

The frozen water tube prevents the water flow, and the water dispenser is not likely to work.  To determine if the tube is frozen, blow air through it, if the air does not flow, it shows the tube is frozen.

Solution: if the water tube got frozen, the best solution is to thaw the tube. Keep the fridge temperature between 0 to 10 Fahrenheit.

Water inlet valveWater inlet valve

The basic job of the water inlet valve is to supply water to the dispenser. A defective inlet valve may cause the water dispenser to stop working.

The low water pressure can stop the water inlet valve, so for the water inlet valve, the pressure should be 20psi. to determine the water inlet valve, check the pressure, and use a multimeter to check the continuity of the water inlet valve.

Solution: Firstly check water pressure, if the water inlet valve is defective replace it.

The water filter is clogged

If the water filter is clogged, it can create the issue of the water dispenser not working. Water filter provides clean water by filtering all unwanted items.

Over time the filters get clogged due to minerals inside the water. Experts, recommend changing the filter after every six months of use.

Solution: if the problem lies with the filter, it should be replaced immediately.

Dispenser switch is faulty

The water dispenser operates on electric power, which is supplied by the dispenser switch. If the switch is faulty the dispenser may not work.

Try to check if the switch is working, take a multimeter, and check for continuity. If the multimeter does not show any continuity upon checking the switch, the problem lies with the switch.

Solution: if the dispenser switch is faulty, it should be replaced with another switch.

Water dispenser control board has malfunctioned

The water dispenser is regulated and operated by a control board. If the control board is malfunctions or one part is faulty, the water dispenser will likely not operate.

Test the different components of the water dispenser control board for any possible fault. You may contact the plumber to fix the issue with the control board.


Water dispenser in fridge stopped working. The worst situation is when you put a cup under the water dispenser and it does not dispense any water. Several reasons your water dispenser in the fridge stops working. If you come across this situation, explore the dispenser for possible fault and then try to fix the solution. if you cannot fix the issue, contact a professional for help.

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