Razer Naga Trinity Right Click Not Holding

Razer Naga Trinity Right Click Not Holding. The mouse with outdated drivers may not be holding the mouse’s right click. The mouse may not even click at a point. The broken mouse button may be detaining you from holding the right button. Mouse settings for the right click may be wrong.

I had been using Razer Naga Trinity for a month only, and then suddenly, the mouse decided not to let the right click drag. The right-click wasn’t the same way it should be. I tried thinking I wasn’t clicking right, but nothing happened.

I thought the mouse button was broken and was going to open the mouse, but a friend suggested updating the drivers or installing new drivers for the mouse before checking that. I installed the drivers, and the mouse started to work.

Razer Naga Trinity Right Click Not HoldingRazer Naga Trinity Right Click Not Holding 2022

Be it your old mouse or the latest gaming mouse, the thing you want from the mouse is to move smoothly and click well. The mouse button helps you to drag things by holding the right button.

The mouse not holding the right click won’t allow you to work. The mouse problem of not holding is associated with the device drivers.

The device drivers of the mouse may be outdated, and you need the Trinity drivers for the mouse. If the drivers are updated, then the firmware may be old.

The broken mouse button won’t let the click hold. A disconnected mouse is also not holding anything.

Disconnected mouse

If your mouse isn’t holding the right click or not clicking at all, then the mouse may be disconnected from the device. If the mouse is wired, connect the mouse at the back or front in its port.Disconnected mouse

The new mice are all USB ports, so you can insert them into any USB port. If the mouse doesn’t connect, check the wire of the mouse or the port. If the wire is faulty, fix or replace the mouse. Change the port if the port is the problem.

If you are using a wireless mouse, check if the mouse is connected. The Bluetooth of the mouse should be working. If the devices aren’t paired, pair them.

Change the USB port of the wireless mouse as well. In any case, if your mouse is successfully connected, test it out by holding the right button. Read the next.

Driver issue

If the mouse is connected and it still doesn’t hold the right click, your operating system’s drivers may be outdated. If you don’t know how to check the drivers, go to settings or control panel and then device drivers.

Open mouse drivers and check if they are the latest by checking on google. If the drivers of your mouse are outdated, you need to update them. You can download the drivers from the Razer website.

If the drivers aren’t updating, you need to uninstall the old drivers and then install the new ones. You can go to the Razer website and download the Trinity drivers very easily.

If you find that difficult, just plug the device in and go to the driver pack solution online on google. Install them by downloading and clicking. The driver pack automatically configures your mouse and installs its drives very fast. The clicking is most likely to work after that.

Broken buttonBroken button

Buttons are pretty important on the mouse. If you can’t hold the right click, the mouse button may be broken or is misfunctioning.

If you can’t hold or sometimes not click, then it’s a mouse button problem. If the mouse button is broken, you will need a new mouse, as most buttons aren’t fixable. If the button looks fixable, try fixing it.


If everything like the drivers is installed, the mouse button is great, and the connection is smooth, then check the operating system. If the operating system is the latest, then you shouldn’t have a problem with the mouse.

But old firmware sometimes can’t handle the new gaming mice. The firmware also requires updates if you want to install the new drivers. Set the operating system to the latest version, and the mouse will hold the right click.

The last word

If the Razer Naga Trinity Right Click is Not Holding, then check the connection and the device drivers. Check the right-click button and the firmware if the drivers and the connection aren’t the problems.

The mouse usually requires the replacement of all the above problems are solved. Try another Trinity mouse to test everything.

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