Ps4 beeps but won’t turn on

Ps4 beeps but won’t turn on. If you have ps4 at home to play games, it is essential to take care of it, especially from dust and moisture. Always keep it up in a safe place after playing the game because if you use it roughly and put it anywhere when you are not using it, dust and debris are entered into it, and it starts to create problems.

Last Sunday, I had an issue with my play station, I planned to play the game, but when I pressed the power button, it beeped but won’t turn on.

I checked my ps4 with an expert; he told me it has an issue with the power supply, and the even worse condition is that the power supply of the ps4 is failed to do its job.

If you have a new play station and its warranty date is there, then you can contact with manufacturer and shop to replace it with a new one. But if its warranty card is not there, then you may need to repair it by an expert.

Ps4 beeps but won’t turn onPs4 beeps but won't turn on 2022

Ps4 device is suitable to have in-home to play the games to fresh your mind, but it demands a lot of care and safety from dust and debris.

If you have a problem ps4 beeping but won’t turn on, then read the following points to repair the ps4.

Check the power cord

Sometimes, it happens that the PS4 beep and does not bring forward. First, check whether the power cord is correctly plugged in or not.

If you do not fix the cord in the outlet, then the electric current does not flow in full flow, and the device is turned off by pressing the power button.

Restart the PS4Restart the PS4

If there is no problem with the cord and it is highly plugged into the socket, then the next step is the restart option. Put your thumb on the power button for ten seconds continuously.

The play station will auto restart, and hopefully, the play station will work nicely, and you can enjoy your game.

Slowly hit the PS4

It may look like an awkward thing to tell you, but sometimes little steps can work for you. If your play station is switched off and turned on, slowly hit the outer part of the play station with a hand or knee.

Remember not to hit your play station hard; just hit it gently because it can break if you hit your console hard. Ensure to hit it with a slight tap and try to start the console.

If it starts now and does not turn off, then the issue is solved with just a slow tap. It is because some debris particles enter the console and obstruct it from turning on. When you slightly hit it, these dust built are removed, and the play station is turned on.

Tight the x clamp

If your ps4 is not turning on by pressing the power button, this is the best way to sort out this problem without buying a new power supply.

  • Open all screws on the play station.
  • Check the x clamp of the CPU.
  • If it is loosened, then it is the reason behind this issue.
  • Take a screwdriver and tighten all the screws of x clamp and refix the cover.

Contact with expert

If there is no issue with the power supply and still the device is creating issues, it may have an issue with the motherboard.

You can not repair or replace the motherboard of the PS4, so you need to contact an expert to check the device deeply and repair or replace the motherboard if it is damaged.


The final words of this article are if your ps4 beep but won’t turn on, then first check whether the power cord is tightly plugged in or not. The PS4 must then be restarted by holding down the power button for ten seconds.

If the problem is still present check the power supply, x clamp of CPU, and tight it. The last thing to do is contact an expert to look at the play station with an expert eye.

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