Ninja blender turns on but won’t blend

Ninja blender turns on but won’t blend. Ninja is one of the familiar brands that are well known for its reliable, dynamic, and compelling appliances. Ninja blenders also enable you to enjoy your dearest drink and many other foods like soups, dips, pancakes, etc.

But sometimes, a well-working appliance can develop an issue and stop working. So, if facing the Ninja blender won’t work, you need to apply some troubleshooting tips.

A problematic blender can be fixed and doesn’t require replacement without knowing the exact reason. So if your blender turns on but won’t blend, you may follow the guideline below.

Ninja blender turns on but won’t blend

If your Ninja blender is not working, you need to inspect the issue that may create the problem of not working the blender.Ninja blender turns on but won't blend 2023

If a Ninja blender is not working, then there might be a reason for improper placed assembly; an unlocked pitcher, loosed blender lid, or problematic blades can be the reason.

To fix the issue, you need to inspect the following factors thoroughly to diagnose the issue. It will help you to understand the problem as well as fix it.

Things You Should Inspect

You need to check the following steps to resolve the issue. But before going into the procedure, you need to confirm a few things as initial steps.

So, firstly you need to make sure that you have plugged the cord into the wall outlet. It would help if you also ensure the outlet works fine by attaching another device, like a charger.

You should also ensure the cord is not damaged. It will not enable your machine to run if it has cracks. Ninja blenders need the required power to work efficiently.

So you should also check that you have enough power to run the blender. If there is dim light due to any electrical issue, it will not able your Ninja blender to blend.

For further issues, you may go through the following method mentioned below.

Improper Placed Components

If you want your Ninja blender to work efficiently, you must place its components in an accurate syllabus. If you leave anything incorrect, your blender will not run.

If you have checked all the electrical issues and found a plug, outlet, cord, and voltage in the standard position, you must consider the blender’s parts.

Ninja paid attention to its valuable users, so it minimized all the possible chances that may create any damage or harm to its users.

So, a Ninja blender is a combination of parts that works together to give you an excellent experience properly, especially since the blender blades can be harmful if they are not tackled accurately.

If you are having the issue of won’t working Ninja blender and you are unsure about the components, especially if you are a new user of the blender, then you may consider the manual to get some help through its instructions.

Issue of the Loosed Pitcher Lid

Another valuable part of the Ninja blender is the lid of the pitcher. It will help you to add items to the picture through the lid. But can you imagine it can also be the culprit for not working Ninja blender?

The Ninja pitcher lid uses a lock mechanism that allows the blender to run after detecting its locked position. If you have not paid attention to the pitcher lid lock, it will not enable your blender to run.

Well, the following mechanism shows the protection features of Ninja for its users. After putting ingredients into the pitcher, running the blender without locking the lid would be harmful anyway.

So, to prevent any issue, the built-in locking mechanism exists. The blender mechanism turns on an LED light if it detects the unlocked lid.

Bring out the Ninja blender user manual to get the exact message if you see the light on the panel but don’t know what it wants to say. You can check the locking position of your pitcher lid to make your machine run.

Incorrect Pitcher AdjustmentIncorrect Pitcher Adjustment

So, as you know, the blades are the wildest part of a blender that gets encapsulated by the blender pitcher. So, how can the Ninja let things create a mess? Well, here is another helpful feature for your safety.

The locking system comes into the light for the pitcher’s stability and firm attachment to the unit while working to avoid any issues while functioning the blender.

If the inner circuitry detects the pitcher unlocked position, it will prevent the blender from functioning. The blender will only work when it checks the locking system of the pitcher to see if the lid is locked accurately.

If you don’t know the exact position of the pitcher locked, you may use the manual. After ensuring the accurate position of the pitcher, you may examine the working of your Ninja blender. If it is still not working, you may continue the troubleshooting steps.

Inefficient Blades Spinning or Won’t Blending

The primary purpose of the Ninja blenders is their assertive grinding system. But if you find your blender is working but not giving the ideal results it usually provides, then you need to examine the blades.

If you are not getting the desired results from the blender blending, then it might be feasible that the blades are having the issue while spinning appropriately.

Don’t worry if you are having an issue with the blades; it might be possible that the blades get jammed due to debris in the internal drive assembly. But don’t worry; you can eliminate the issue by following the guideline.

A rubber connector on the unit’s inner side enables the pitcher’s detachable part to connect with the motor. So need to access there to check the blades rotation issue.

Firstly, you must ensure your Ninja blender has no power by detaching its power cord from the wall outlet. Now, to access the inner side of the unit, you are required a screwdriver to unfasten the screws to remove the bottom cover.

After removing the screws, you may examine if any junk or debris requires cleaning. Ensure that you have cleaned any unwanted material preventing the shaft from a smooth rotation. You may attach the components back to ensure the shaft’s efficient motion. Test your blender.

Final Thought

The following article contains all the possible solutions to make your Ninja blender work again. These are easy fixes that you may try without calling a pro.

We tried our best to give you the most relevant solutions, but if your Ninja blender is still not working after ensuring all the mentioned steps, there might be a severe issue that requires an expert.

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