How to blend without a blender

How to blend without a blender. Blenders are the essential kitchen appliance that will allow you to enjoy smoothies and grind other food items to make a delicious dish.

But the different reasons may trigger you to blend without a blender. It includes having no blender, a faulty blender, or a power outage to run a blender.

If you are facing any of these reasons and looking for reliable, efficient methods to blend without a blender, then you can follow the guidelines of the following article.

The following article will help you to continue your food cravings without a blender. Find any alternative to the blender in the article and enjoy your life without any problem.

How to blend without a blender

If you are looking for a way to blend without using a blender, you must know that it is possible, but the procedure requires some specific tools to complete the task.blend without a blender

Some factors require attention and help you blend food items efficiently without a blender. Here is a complete guideline that requires implementation for prosperous results.

Alternative Tools For Blending

Here is a list of tools that will help you to blend without a blender.

  • -A Knife
  • -The Masher
  • -The Peeler
  • -A Mortar & pestle
  • -The Rolling pin
  • -The Grater
  • -The Hand mixer
  • -A Whisk
  • -A Sieve
  • -A Fork
  • -A Spoon
  • -A Shaker cup/jar with a lid

Method To Make Smoothie Without Blender

If you want to make a smoothie of vegetables or fruits, adding liquid and ice cubes, then you can make anything you want. But you must pay attention to the tips we’ll mention with the alternative tools.

TIPS You Should Follow

Here are some tips that you may go through while blending without a blender.

Soft Vegetables or Purees

If you don’t have a blender or don’t have a food processor, then you may use vegetable puree, especially if the veggies are hard such as carrots or potatoes, etc.

You may follow the steps below if you don’t know how to make a vegetable puree.

  • So, you require the vegetables you want to make a puree and grab a sharp knife.
  • Chop the veggies and boil them. You have to boil them for too long.
  • Grab a potato mesh and blend it with it. You can use water according to the required consistency.

If the vegetables you want to use are not hard, like spinach, lettuce, baby spinach, etc. These veggies don’t require a boiling procedure. Follow the steps below.

  • Bring the veggies along with you and grab a knife.
  • Chop the pieces as small as you can.
  • Mesh it with mortar and pestle, masher, or rolling pin. You may also use the back of a utensil or fork.

Soft & Juicy FruitsSoft & Juicy Fruits

SimilarSimilartical to vegetables, all fruits are not soft, or all fruits are not hard. Soft fruits can be mashed easily and don’t have a hassle while blending bananas, kiwi, mangoes and oranges, etc.

If you crave fruit smoothies but the blender is not available yet, it would help to use soft and juicy fruits to save time and do less hard work. You can use any of the tools that are mentioned above for blending.

Liquid or Powder Flavors

Making smoothies without a blender would help to use the things that will result in better, even if you don’t have a blender.

So smoothies also contain the different flavors you desire, which may be available in liquid or powder flavors such as using chocolate, ginger, vanilla, cinnamon, etc.

So while adding flavor, you should concern about using liquid or powder. Both flavors are suitable if you use a blender, but liquid and delicateness flavors are well-compatible with hand-made smoothies.

If you want to use powder flavors, here are a few examples of light and soft flavors, cocoa powder, matcha powder, vanilla essence, nutmeg, etc.

Steps To Make Smoothie Without Blender

Now that you have the basic knowledge for choosing a suitable tool for meshing and picking fruits or vegetables according to the tips, here are the final steps you should follow.


So, at first, it’s essential to have fruits, whether these are soft or hard. If you have fruits preserved in the freezer, take them out. Soft fruits are easy to peel and mesh. You can use any of the tools for it.

But for the hard fruits or veggies, you need to peel them first and then cut them into tiny pieces, then choose a tool like a rolling pin, potato masher, or anything we have mentioned above and mesh it.


Now, you need some creamy ingredients to add a smooth or creamy texture. It would be suitable to use yogurt or puree in it. The mixing duty can be done using a whisk, masher, fork, or spoon.


Mix all the ingredients and shake well. The more you mix, the more impressive results you will get.


Now, you have required a sieve to strain the blend. If it is hard to stain, use a spoon or fork to shake the mixture in the sieve to make a silky filtration.


In the following article, you will know the different tools you can use for mashing or grinding things. In case you don’t have a blender.

We also share a few tactics to help you make a fantastic smoothie without compromising its taste. The only thing you need is to follow the instructions carefully.

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