How to deep clean a Keurig

How to deep clean a Keurig. Keurig Coffee maker makes your morning joyful with an energetic coffee, and honestly speaking coffee maker gets a lot of use.

it’s important how you treat your coffee maker and it’s important to take care of Keurig. Coffee makers get lime and scale depending on the type of water you are using, that’s why you should keep it clean.

Cleaning keeps the Keurig running, but after some time, you may need to deep clean your Keurig coffee maker.

Deep cleaning your Keurig involves cleaning removable internal parts. You can use cleaning solutions or home remedies to clean your Keurig coffee maker.

How to deep clean a KeurigHow to deep clean a Keurig

For deep cleaning, disassemble all removable components of the coffee maker like a lid, mug stand, water reservoir, etc. Wash all the parts and let them air dry. Wipe out the external of the coffee machine with a towel or soft cloth. Reassemble all parts and Use home remedies or Keurig cleaning solution to descale the Keurig.

Easy steps to deep clean a Keurig.

Unplug the Keurig

Turn off the power supply and unplug the Keurig before you begin cleaning your Keurig. Unplugging the Keurig is recommended to avoid any hazards of electric current.

Dissemble the removable parts

In the second step, check all removable parts and disassemble one by one. Removable parts include a k-cup container, water reservoir, lid, and mug stand. Remove these parts carefully and put them in a container.

Wash all dissembled parts

Pick and wash the parts earlier dissembled one by one, and rinse water carefully to remove all dirt dust. Wash lid, k-cup container, mug stand, and water reservoir with clean water.

Wipe all parts and surfaces of the machine

Take a soft cloth or towel a damp one is better, wipe all accessible and common areas of the machine and its surface to remove all dirt. Take extra measures to clean the area around the coffee pod holder.

Reassemble the parts to machine

After making sure that all parts are dry, reassemble the parts back to the machine one by one.

While reassembling make sure you are connecting the parts in the right place. Plug the machine back into the electric supply and turn on the switch.

Perform descaling with vinegar

Vinegar is the best choice to descale the Keurig machine during the deep cleaning. After continues, use Machine builds up lime and scale, and vinegar is the best solution to deal with lime and scale.

Descaling is important otherwise you will get a subpar taste of coffee. Pour vinegar in the water reservoir until it’s half-filled. Add water to the water reservoir in the remaining part.

Run your Keurig for the brew cycle

Run your machine for brew cycle, but before this remove the k-cup. Turn on the brew cycle and wait for it to complete.

Repeat this process until the water reservoir is empty and discard the mug content after each brew cycle.

Descaling is recommended to eliminate the lime and scale build-up, and this method will eliminate both factors. It recommends performing descaling after every 3 to 6 months’ time period.

Refill the reservoir with water and run the machine again

Now it’s time to refill the water reservoir with water and run the coffee machine for the brew cycle again to get rid of any residual.

Keep repeating the brew cycle to empty the water reservoir. And after your coffee machine is ready to serve a tasty coffee.


How to deep clean a Keurig. Keurig coffee maker is an essential appliance for every home with a coffee lover. It makes your morning joyful and keeps you active with a cup of coffee. But it is important to clean your Keurig coffee maker after use. Otherwise, it will get scale and lime is not good for health. Keep your Keurig clean and perform deep cleaning after every three to six months.

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