Kenmore refrigerator freezer not cold enough

Kenmore refrigerator freezer not cold enough. Kenmore refrigerator-freezers are usually good brands for cooling water and food items, but it’s essential to take special maintenance of this freezer.

Otherwise, they prevent making cooling unsuitable for the food store because it can be rotten. You can also get proper ice cubes if the freezer is not cold enough.

The most common cause beyond this problem is ice build-up on the evaporator coils if you do not clean them after some time. These coils are responsible for circulating the cold air inside the freezer. So, when the cold air does not circulate, the freezer does not become cold enough.

Various reasons are responsible for this problem with the freezer not cold enough to keep reading the article to know various causes and troubleshooting methods to fix this problem with the freezer

Kenmore refrigerator freezer not cold enough
refrigerator freezer not cold enough

If your Kenmore refrigerator freezer is not making enough cooling and you are worried because of stored food in the unit, check the leakage pipes in the freezer.

Lousy air circulation of cold air is also the main reason for the freezer not cold enough. Let’s check all the reasons and their troubleshooting in detail.

The freezer door remains open

If your freezer is not making enough cooling in the unit first thing to check is whether the appliance door was closed correctly or it was slightly open at night.

It happens with most people that when they open the freezer door to drink water at midnight, they do not shut the door properly.

All the cooling stored inside the appliance escaped from the open door. So, take special care of this point to not permit the child to open the door frequently.

It is essential to open the door after one hour because when we open it again and again, the Kenmore refrigerator freezer is not cold enough.

Dirty evaporator coils

Evaporator coils are responsible for the air circulation in the freezer. If they get dirtier and stop working, the air stops circulating in the freezer, due to which the freezer does not make enough cooling.

When the evaporator coils get dirty, it decreases the appliance’s working efficiency, making it difficult for the freezer to make cooling.

Therefore, you need to properly clean the evaporator coils after some days or maximum after some months so that the unit continues to work efficiently. But, before you begin to clean the evaporator coils, don’t forget to switch off the refrigerator.

No airflow

Airflow is essential to keep the cooling inside the freezer. If no air flows inside the unit, it will cause overheating, which is dangerous for the food stored in it.

The condenser fan and compressor become faulty if there is low cold air circulation in the freezer. So contact a Kenmore freezer expert to repair the faulty compressor or condenser fan.

Faulty fan motorFaulty fan motor

the fan motor is an essential component of the freezer because it evaporates the air in all sections of the freezer to keep the food items and water cold.

If these fan motor blades are stuck with debris and ice and do not move, clean the blades and check that the fan motor is started or not.

If the fan motor is still not working and blades are stuck in one place, change the faulty fan motor immediately so that the air starts to flow again in all parts.

 Leakage in the freezer pipes

If the freezer hoses leak, it is disaster because the cold air starts to leak from that leaky places, and it becomes difficult for the freezer too cold enough.

Check your appliance to a certified expert who inspects the freezer deeply and finds the spots on the houses from where the cold is leaking. The expert can decide to repair or replace the damaged hoses inside the freezer.

The main control board malfunctioning

The main control board is like the brain of the refrigerant freezer because it manages all the activities occurring in the appliance.

It sends the voltage readings to the compressor and fans motor. If this main board becomes faulty, it prevents sending signals to both these parts, and they do not start cooling in the freezer.

The main control board is very complex to understand, so take the services of an expert to fix the faulty main control board.


The final thoughts in this article are that if your Kenmore refrigerator freezer is not cold enough, then do not open the freezer door frequently because all the cooling stored in the unit is escaped from it.

If there is no issue with the door, properly clean all parts of the appliance, especially the evaporator coils, so that debris does not gather on it.

It’s better to check the appliance with a skillful expert if you do not know how to replace the faulty components in the freezer.

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